The AT&T Motorola Backflip cell phone looks great to be honest, It does have decent specs, a bright responsive touch screen, the key board is super comfortable, and the design, while being oddball is surprisingly functional.
The Verizon LG enV3 cell phone addition of the HTML browser is a first for a Verizon non-touchscreen dumbphone. The MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy Indulge cell phone has the same GPU and CPU as the main Galaxy S line but what the heck 480 x 320 resolution? I don’t understand, make a pretty decently spec phone with LTE but give it such a small half-VGA screen.

This handset is designed for teens who need a physical keyboard and social networking at all times. I am intrested but would like to know are any of the specs on the front screen or only on the back? Our two local Louisville, KY stores are located on Shelbyville Road less than a mile east of North Hurstbourne in the Stoneyfield Center next to Fresh Market and on Dixie Hwy.
This phone looks like a decent improvement, the Verizon LG enV3 price for $179 after a $50 mail in rebate and a two year contract.

I am not a huge data user, but needed a phone that would make texting easier than with a standard flip phone.

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