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Under normal circumstances when you call someone, your number is flashed on the recipient’s phone. It sounds like a sure shot great way to make crank calls and at the same time an essential feature for business. Furthermore, there is an option of getting your number permanently blocked by connecting with the company directly. The 3CX CRM Integration module provides out of the box integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In order to launch outbound calls from the Microsoft Dynamics CRMA web interface, you need to have the TCP port 5535 free. Now, you need to fill the Login Information section with your Microsoft Dynamics CRMA user account information. OnPremise: select this option when your Microsoft Dynamics CRM is configured to use integrated Active Directory authentication. IFD: select this option when your Microsoft Dynamics CRM is configured as an Interneta€?Facing deployment.
Depending on the selected authentication method, you can configure your account with different settings.
Also, you may have created your Contact’s phones in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with prefixes that are not present in the caller ID, such as mobile phone prefixes. The first time you enable the Microsoft Dynamics CRMA plugin, a 30 days trial will be automatically started. You can add customizations to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to easily launch calls directly from the web interface.
IMPORTANT NOTE: if you previously added customizations for another application, this procedure will override your customizations. Once you have imported the customizations provided by this plugin, you will see a menu when you open a contact, lead or account, as shown in the following screenshot.

When using Windows Live authentication, your Windows Live account must not be logged in to any other service.
In order to allow automatic dialling of outbound calls from the Microsoft Dynamics web interface, you need to add some customizations. If another application in your computer is using that port number, you will see an error message when the Microsoft Dynamics CRM plugin starts, indicating that the port is in use by another application. We recommend that you reconfigure the conflicting application to use another port number.
If you are outside the company, you can dial this number from any digital receptionist menu.
You can configure where a call should be re-directed when you do not answer, are on the phone already or your user status is set to away.
Sometimes, more often than not, you will need to make a call but don’t want your identity or phone number to be disclosed to the other person you are trying to call.
Whenever you now make a call, your number will show as a blocked number to the person you call. This integration allows showing a screen pop-up with the contact information on inbound calls, and launching outbound calls to your contacts directly from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web interface.
For example, when you select OnPremise authentication, you may choose to use current user credentials, or specify credentials for another user. When an inbound call arrives into your extension, the caller ID may have different formats depending on your PSTN or VoIP Provider. In order to match the caller ID with the contact’s phone in these cases, you need to specify this parameter.
In order to avoid losing your current customizations, export them first and then merge them with the ones provided by 3CX in the Microsoft Dynamics Customizations.xml file.
If the application is not running, you will receive a message with the error description. If the application is not running, you will receive a message with the error description. For example, you can’t use the same account to login to Windows Live Messenger and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online simultaneously.
If you can’t do it, you will need to change the configuration of this plugin within every computer that is using it in your company, and the customizations provided by 3CX.

Ensure that the new port number is not being used in every computer that needs to run this plugin in your company. It is possible to configure this based on office hours, caller ID of caller and the type of call. If you hear a particular extension ringing, and you know that person is not able to take the call, you can take the call using the 'Call Pickup' feature. If you don’t misuse this facility then it’s a blessing because a high level of privacy is reached with this feature on the phone.
If indeed  you are as of now, allowing your number to be seen by the other person, the button will be shown in a bright blue and say “ON”.
Even if they have your number in the contact list , it will still  come across as “Blocked” to them. When using Windows Live authentication, you just need to specify your user name and password. It could have an international format (including the country code), national format (including the region or city code), or local format (including only the local number). The system will compare the last number digits of the caller ID with the last number digits of your contact’s phone, where any number is the specified maximum digit length to compare. When the trial expires, you need to activate a license key to continue using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. It gives you the added option of being able to stop the Caller ID of the individual you are calling.
With a higher number you get more accuracy, but you may possibly not match the caller ID with some contact. With a lower number you get less accuracy (with possible false positives), minimizing the possibility of a no match.

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