Start Hooked: Pocket Fishing by tapping on its thumbnail on the iPhone and iPod touch screen. When you have cast the line, the Tackle Box, Live Well, and Home buttons slide off the screen to give you more room to see the action and reel. To cast out your line, press and hold the reel button located in the center of the game play screen.
Once the line has been cast into the water, begin reeling the line back in by moving your thumb in a clockwise motion.

If you have waited for a little while and it doesna€™t appear that you are having any luck getting a fish to bite your bait, start reeling the line back in by moving your thumb in a clockwise motion. Once you are on the gameplay screen, tap the tackle box icon in the lower left corner to enter the gear select mode. To access the Fishermana€™s Guide from the home screen, tap on the a€?Fishermana€™s Guidea€? button.
If you forget any of the information presented in this a€?how toa€? section or you would like a quick reference on the go, refer to the instructions page included with Hooked: Pocket Fishing.

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