Free advice on how to choose the best home telephone plan from leading home improvement and Buying Guides expert Don Vandervort.
Compare best cell phone plans, wireless phone deals & prepaid cell phones for family or business use. PhoneChoice is Australia's most established and comprehensive site for all your Telecommunications needs.
Canada is quickly becoming one of the more competitive cell phone markets in the world, so it is becoming easier for customers to find better and better cell phone plans.

BTW I know nothing about mobiles as far as I am concerned they are noise pollution and the charges are a rip off!!!! Add to your family's education and fun by making room in your budget with prepaid cell phones!
Anyways the best thing to do if you dont already have a phone is to go to a free cell phone site and they give you a cell phone for signing up on the plan. Verizon adds on upcharges to the most ridiculously small things that T-Mobile doesn't (ie.

However I'm not sure exactly how much your price limit is so I would say go to a site or two to find out which one fits your needs best.

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