Buying old phones from third party stores is a good choice when you need a replacement phone at a cheap price. Download User Manual for Motorola RAZR V3i - Learn more about the Motorola RAZR V3i by downloading free user manual. Hi hannah, here is a link to the page where you can find a replacement battery for Motorola RAZR V3i.
This ultra-thin clamshell phone sports updated styling and add set of very anticipated features: a microSD memory card slot, iTunes music player, and speaker-independent voice control.

Also the phone features great ultra-thin design along with standard 1-megapixel camera, music player and bluetooth connectivity. Yet it still less than inch thick, the Motorola V3i is available today at the lowest price from third-party stores.
Before purchasing a cheap phone read few tips below which may help you avoid common mistakes and purchase the phone with confidence.
On the other hand, the phone does not support 3G data connectivity for fast internet and GPS navigation.

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