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I have made it no secret that I don’t think kids in elementary school need cell phones. I totally agree on waiting until the child is of the right maturity to manage a cell phone properly.
My daughter is non-verbal, so eventually we will have to get a phone with software or something for her to contact me when she needs to.
It is so hard to deal with kids and cell phones, I am NOT looking forward to telling my girls no. I think that like so many other decisions, each family needs to do what’s right for them. I always wanted to wait till high school but I totally understand the need for phones in earlier grades. Thank you all for the huge amount of time and effort that you’ve put into the creativity, design, development and realisation of our site.
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Responsibility Comes With Maturity ~ We all know that each child is different and each child matures at a different rate.

Safety ~ Middle school for my daughter, as with many other kids across the country, means many scary firsts.
We love our Walmart Family Mobile phone, have had it a year now with no problems whatsoever! It’s been great since she is at a lot of activities without us (symphony, robotics, sports). When it comes to the responsibility of having a cell phone the longer you can wait the better chance that they will respect your rules and be able to make better choices in regards to phone usage.
I think it is too young, but they are the ones who need to be in contact with him, so they are leaning towards getting it.
From a social work perspective and my years of schooling (yeah I know LOL), the middle school years are the start of  the formal operational stage which is the fourth and final stage of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development.
School for us just started so we will see how Abbie handles the responsibility of having her own cell phone. I definitely think there needs to be a valid reason to give a child a phone — extracurricular activities being the best one I can think of! This stage is when kids start to use logical thought, deductive reasoning, and systematic planning. Here is to hoping she has a wonderful 1st yr in middle school and that we don’t have to replace her phone before Christmas. Which means they are able to be more responsible for things they can control like a cell phone.

After looking at adding another line to our current phone plan we decided to look into other options.
There are many reasons why I held out until middle school and since I am a research nut I want to give you my top 3 reasons why you should wait too. Not that I don’t trust the school to keep my daughter safe but as a mom your going to worry. While at Walmart shopping we stopped into the electronics department to look at the phones and cell plans that they offered. While I am super excited for her to be involved with after school activities it also brings on safety concerns. Those concerns include trusting the after school staff and the office staff leaving in the afternoon.
Once the office closes there is no phone for her to call me from in an emergency or if something changes and she needs to be picked up early.
We also looked at all the phone available and were pleasantly surprised to find the Alcatel One Touch Fierce was on rollback for $100.
Having a cell phone will give her (and me) the feeling of safety knowing she can reach me or her Dad any time she needs to.

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