Mobile phone contracts with no credit check don’t actually exist any more in the UK, despite the advertising hype that may have led you to believe otherwise! The demise of the no credit check mobile phone means that those who have had credit problems in the past, can now have difficulty being accepted for a mobile phone contract, as the most common reason for phone contracts being declined is a poor credit score. If you have less than perfect credit, applying for a contract phone that reflects your credit score is the only realistic option when it comes to getting your application approved, beware of the "credit repair" advertisers and those who offer to get you a guaranteed mobile contract for an upfront fee! The key to being accepted on a mobile phone contract with poor credit is to apply for the right phone, at the right monthly price. Any mobile phone contract will require credit to be extended and the networks simply will not extend credit to customers without any checks.
Here we have already sourced a number of deals on a variety of contracts which offer a high acceptance rate, even for those who have been declined in the past.

Put simply, the lower the amount of credit extended, the lower the credit scoring criteria. In the past there were no credit check mobile contracts available, however these contracts led to a large number of defaults which incurred losses for the networks.
Your credit file contains details of all past and present credit agreements, your payment history on these agreements, and any credit problems you may have had in the past such as county court judgements.
Please see our articles Contract Phones for bad credit and Guaranteed Mobile contracts for more information on mobile contracts and bad credit. The UK mobile phone industry has moved on since then and all contracts for mobile phones are now subject to the same credit scoring procedures.
Although the exact credit scoring method used in your application is not known, any adverse information recorded such as late or missed payments will obviously lower your credit score.

This is not all bad news, if you are a customer that thinks you will never pass a credit check then think again. Without a contract, the only option is PAYG (pay as you go), which is a much more expensive way to run a mobile phone (unless you rarely use the phone and just keep it for emergency use). If you have had a mobile phone contract declined, or are worried about having your application rejected due to previous credit issues, the solution is to apply for a mobile phone contract designed for those with less than perfect credit ratings.

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