First Class Phone Service-using the latest technology with fiber optic circuits to the Philippines to give a crystal clear call quality. Quick Connect Function - allows almost instant connection to the number you wish to call by simply pressing the pound key after entering the destination number. Account Code Function - allows you to set authorization codes in your account for easily tracking call usage. Autoload Service - allows you to give and send cell phone loads to your loved ones in the Philippines. Free Worldwide Travel Card- allows subscribers to use the service in over 65 countries and still be billed at home.

YAMAHA SPRING INTO SUMMER DEALS ON 2016'S!¬†America's Best Selling Family Dayboat are Yamaha Jet Boats! YAMAHA SPRING INTO SUMMER DEALS ON 2016'S! America's Best Selling Family Dayboat are Yamaha Jet Boats! I’m in Kuala Lumpur for about 4-5 days and I have no idea how to check the remaining balance. Great to use while you are travelling and still be able to save on your long distance calls. Yamaha has the Industry's best selling boat in all 3 sizes in which they participate (19', 21', 24').

Also check out Yamaha's Unique Rear Lounge and Cruise Assist- Features that you won't find on other boats in this class!

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