Getting Static IP on PTCL Broadband, PTCL EVO, PTCL Wingle, PTCL Nitro and PTCL CharJi connection is fairly simple. All you have to do is call PTCL Helpline on 1236 if you have PTCL Landline or 0800-80-800 if you are calling from mobile. They will ask you about your connection details, your landline number if using DSL, your MDN number if using EVO, Wingle, Nitro or CharJi so make sure you have these things at hand.
In addition, they might ask your about your address and the name of the person who applied for the connection. Once your request is forwarded, you will be provided a Static IP address within a day or two.
If both the IP Addresses are same, that means your connection has been assigned a Static IP Address.
On PTCL DSL Boardband, the monthly charges for Static IP are 300 Rupees added in Telephone Bill.
You can cancel using Static IP anytime by calling PTCL Helpline and asking them to remove your Static IP.
Prospectus for Cadet College Rawalpindi admission 2016 is available from Pakistan Navy registration offices.

So, yes it is high time to take a serious line of your career line and you can do this only if you are going to take admission and make yourself registered in Cadet College Rawalpindi.
Now with this service you can get your bill before the actual bill and know what is the exact amount that is outstanding against your PTCL account. Is it beneficial for you, say something about it here at this page through comment section. But if you are buying CharJi for setting up an online gaming server, its not a good choice.
As we all know that Cadet College Rawalpindi is one of the reputed and recognized colleges in Pakistan. If you are done with your matriculation exams and want to make a fruitful plunge into an intermediate level then we can say that you should consider Cadet College Rawalpindi. The latency will be much high as compared to DSL and other cable based internet connections. If you want to get admission in this reputed and recognized college then you have to make a registration of Rs. It consists and contains of all the major facilities that are important for the education point of view of a student.

We will be updating you on regular basis if there gets any change in the schedule of the admission process. Actually due to manual system of Postal service in Pakistan PTCL Customers face many problems in paying their bills and ultimately they get the news that their Line is discontinue.So customer feels embarrassment in this way. Stay connected with us and get thorough updates about Cadet College Rawalpindi admission 2013- 2014. You can also visit PTCL website to download your current and up to 6 months old bills through one platform. Make sure that if you want to get the admission in 7th and 8th class then may also register.

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