And be forewarned, counterfeiters are sophisticated and make every attempt to visually duplicate the authentic product. If you purchased from an e-commerce website (including eBay, Amazon, AliExpress) keep the counterfeit product as proof for your dispute, the manufacturer or authorities. Counterfeit products often find their way to re-sellers on eBay and are sold to unsuspecting buyers as authentic.
You may think you are buying the authentic Beats headphones, but these Beats and their box are counterfeit.
On this comparison of a real and fake product package, the real product lists 2 AAA batteries and an alkaline adapter included.

Even the serial number behind the ear cup (we've altered the number) on the authentic headphones is being faked by counterfeiters.
We have a variety of plans and services to promote consumer awareness and protect your brand. Dre's are very similar visually, and when you discover you bought a fake, the seller (and your money) is gone. Your headphones must be purchased from an authorized retailer, and you must provide a copy of the original sales or gift receipt. Dre headphones are offered on a Chinese website for $7.79 in 7 colors - an immediate indication they are fake.

Simply, the counterfeit packaging and product are extremely difficult to detect visually unless they are compared to an authentic product. Genuine Beats products are made with premium materials and are designed to deliver a one-of-a-kind listening experience. Auction sites offering products with no box or manual, no warranty or documentation, are counterfeit.

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