However an analysis of state data shows that those 700 deaths two decades ago are far from the norm, in Illinois cold weather is more consistently deadly.While more people have died from heat-related causes since 1995, a total of 1,290, compared with 1,095 deaths from cold-related causes, the deadly 1995 summer is the main factor driving the differences in totals.
News Nation & World In 1979 the pope came to Chicago - but how many people saw it? Compared with the 2011 election, the mayor averaged a 16.3 percentage point loss in wards that have a majority-African-American population. In an instant, the image became iconic.Since that time, many satellite photos of Earth have been taken in different ways and from different views. Usually, because the satellites aren't far enough away, a series of images must be "stitched together" to create a complete image.This month, more than four decades after the marble photo, NASA released a new image from a satellite 1 million miles away that puts Earth, again, in a single frame. The queen and her husband, Prince Philip, were on a 15,000-mile, 45-day tour along the seaway visiting all Canadian provinces, four of the Great Lakes and making a 14-hour stop in Chicago. Several times in Chicago's history have more people gathered in one place (read about it here). This was their only American stop and was the first visit of a reigning British monarch to the Windy City. Pope John Paul II's visit is a particularly stark example of the pitfalls and gray areas in measuring large crowds.Pope John Paul II's address in Grant Park on Oct.
Starting in September, NASA will post photos from DSCOVR every day.Two pictures, same planet, 43 years apart. Do those ties make you more or less likely to vote for Garcia?NOTE: Percentages may not add up to 100 because of rounding.

Source: APC Research poll conducted March 6-11 featuring live landline and cellphone interviews of 712 registered voters who said they were certain to vote in the April 7 city election.
At Britain's official exhibit they look at a model of the Fairey Rotodyne, the world's first vertical takeoff airliner.
These are his recollections of his reporting in the days following the papal mass:Tribune: What made you question the crowd size (1 million people) reported by the city?
Currie: Of course the city didn't estimate 1 million beforehand, but I had a hunch they would, because boosterism has always been part of Chicago politics. I've always questioned commonly held beliefs and urban myths, such as Chicago is the largest Polish-speaking city outside of Warsaw.
The governor presents the queen with a six-volume edition of the life of Abraham Lincoln personally inscribed by the author, Carl Sandburg.The queen addresses those in attendance at the Ambassador West hotel. I think my first question was what does a million people gathered in one large expanse look like. I knew what 60,000 at Soldier Field looked like; I also knew what 38,000 people at Comiskey Park and Wrigley Field looked like. While at the Museum of Science and Industry, the queen visits a chick hatchery and sees herself on a color television for the first time, in the museum's RCA exhibit. Despite a called-in bomb threat, the 45-minute tour continues as scheduled.Queen Elizabeth II sees herself on color TV in the museum's RCA exhibit.
21, 1979, story disputing the official attendance estimate.How did you find an expert to come up with a more accurate crowd estimate?

Norman Olson, of Glencoe, performs the procedure in his office on the first floor of the Drake Hotel.A front-page story from the July 7, 1959, newspaper. Then Mayor Daley commits a minor faux pas by sitting to the queen's left instead of her right. It seemed absurd to them that math-challenged reporters and editors could debunk authoritative crowd estimates by calculating the square footage available and dividing it by 4. They had to rely on experts, the intelligence agencies and the park service people.The highlight of Pope John Paul II's 1979 visit to Chicago was a three-hour Mass in Grant Park. Projects included dredging a berth in part of Lake Michigan for the Britannia, constructing a special landing dock on Congress Street, and paying for the lunch and dinner that hosted the Royal couple.A story describing the costs to host Queen Elizabeth II for a day in Chicago from the July 7, 1959, newspaper.
The sources are not equivalent.I'm not quite sure what a daily newspaper should do about crowd estimates. On the one hand, if the mayor's press officer says there was 1.5 million people some place, you have to quote them. I spent a month before the story, measuring, doing the math, and arranging for a photo over Grant Park.
Moreover, newspapers have always been perpetrators of boosterism and jingoism.By the way, I don't think 1 million people (let alone 2 million) have ever gathered together in any one place in the world since time immemorial.

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