It’s always risky to state which phone is better since one can never guess what user might want out of the phone. Many indecisive users might wondering if LG Marquee is worth of upgrading from ZTE Warp or which one to choose in case of choosing between these two handsets for the first time.
Two best Boost Mobile Android phones are similar in many aspects but also have their advantages and disadvantages when compared.
On the other hand, the reason for LG Marquee being the $80 pricier phone than Warp is faster data transfer due to better WiFi and more recent Bluetooth.
2014 saw a multitude of new devices, all competing for our vote – a few of them have actually caught our eye too. Samsung has had a pretty good 2015 so far – it created two flagship smartphone devices that both seemed to take the internet by storm. It hurts a few members of the office to have HTC’s latest flagship below the iPhone 6, but unfortunately its limited upgrades from the HTC One M8 have left it a little lacking. Just like the HTC One M9, despite great design, a powerful camera and clear display – LG still has a little work to do.
You might think it strange that Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is a little further down our list – especially seeing as it actually has a few higher-spec features than the smaller iPhone 6, but we do have our reasons! Yes, this phone has an incredible 1080 x 1920 pixel display and an 8MP upgraded camera with optical image stabilisation.
This newcomer was revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February, and is probably soon to be replaced by its successor, but it’s still one of the leading devices for 2015 so far.
It might not be metal like we were all expecting, but we have seen a lot of other upgrades. The S5 encourages you to be more active too – with health features included to help you keep fit. Google revealed its Nexus 6 smartphone fairly late on in 2014, but most people you ask would say it was definitely worth the wait. Released in May this year, the LG G3 is the most recent addition to our list of best smartphones – and LG has certainly worked hard to ensure that it competes with all the high-end devices currently on the market.
Boost Mobile did a great job in recent months adding quite a few Android handsets that give users a choice in price as well as features.
If price is not an issue since the difference in price is $80, than let’s see how ZTE Warp vs LG Marquee compare to each other.

In this run wins ZTE Warp, which features a 4.3-inch display while LG Marquee’s screen is only 4-inch. That’s not because it has a better rear camera, in fact, both phones have 5-megapixel camera with flashes. Some might not even consider the phone without front facing camera while some may think that it’s not worth additional $80 and go for Transform Ultra (it has front camera but much lower specs).
Lot of phone manufacturers including HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung have launched phones with Google Android operating system.
If we were writing this last year then we’d probably be agreeing with you too, but things in the tech world are moving incredibly quickly. You’ll also find a 16MP camera with a range of new features, a 5MP front-facing shooter and HDR video with dual bideo shooting. The Galaxy S6 Edge is a little different from others on the market though – it has a curved edge on each side. It has an improved 8MP camera with improved features too, and plays hoast to a bunch of new features thanks to iOS 8. The HTC One M8 comes with a dual camera that allows you to refocus images after capturing them.
The Nexus 6 offers incredible features including the Quad HD 6-inch display and 13MP camera, and it’s all incased in a smart metal frame which gives it a premium feel.
When you add all that to the fact that it comes running the latest version of Android Lollipop, you know Google fans are going to be excited. Add this to its 13MP camera with laser autofocus technology, which LG claims will focus your image before you can even blink, and you’ve got one impressive sounding smartphone.
She writes about anything from the latest mobile phones to the environmental benefits of recycling your old gadgets in the right way.
However, since today is the day of LG Marquee launch, seems like a good idea to compare two of the best Boost Mobile Android phones, ZTE Warp vs LG Marquee. However, Marquee features NOVA capacitive touchscreen (more sensitive to the touch than Warp’s resistant), which provides more vivid, vibrant and sharp display but in my opinion, the turning point for many could be the size of display, not the quality. However, in practice, Warp’s rippled texture on the back provides user with feel that it won’t go anywhere out of hand accidentally while with Marquee, can’t be certain. It can capture 720p video that Warp cannot but the main reason that users might go for Marquee instead of ZTE Warp is a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.

The largest display possible is for many users crucial feature so it all comes to personal preferences. If you are an Android powered mobile phone fan then head over to Google Phone Gallery for exhaustive listing of Android phones. So specs are sounding pretty similar to our favourite smartphone of the year already, right? Apple also introduced its mobile payments feature, Apple Pay, with NFC using the fingerprint scanner.
It still has that Ultrapixel technology which guarantees low-light loveliness in your images too, plus a whole lot of other pro camera features thanks to the Eye Experience upgrade.
At least Marquee is smaller, lighter and thinner so easier to handle in overall, even thought larger display wouldn’t bother anyone. Important thing is that no matter which phone is the chosen one, users will benefit from Boost Mobile’s $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan that wouldn’t be that much spectacular without Shrinkage plan. Website also allows you compare different Android phones side by side.Android phones at Google Phone GalleryAll phones in the gallery include Google Search, Android Market and Google Mobile services such as Google Search, Gmail, and Google Maps. It also boats a quad-core processor, battery with up to 18 hours of battery life and comes in a range of colours.
But power-wise and battery life competition shows that it doesn’t seem to deliver as highly as other models on our list.
The Boomsounds dual front speakers also make sure your music isn’t distorted which is a great touch. Before Marquee showed up (available from today), front-facing camera was available at Transform Ultra, so that and slide-out QWERTY keyboard were the key reasons for choosing Ultra.
These phones come pre-installed with Android Market and Google Search, Voice Search, Google Talk, Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube, among other Google Mobile services.1. As of today look up for the LG Marquee if that is the phone you like or go and get ZTE Warp if it meets your needs.
You can view Android powered phones by specific manufacture among HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung.3.

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