La semana que viene comenzare con la segunda temporada, estuve leyendo algunas resenas y esta vez Dexter tendra que enfrentarse a todos los cadaveres que ha ido acumulando durante todos estos anos y descubrir un secreto importante acerca de la muerte de su padre.
Otras personas llegaron buscando:deztmr dexter wiki dexter photos dexter com dexter images serie dexter 0 dexter wallpaper dexter serie dexter wallpaper hd dexter? One extra chocolate, cigarettes for every mood, checking locks for the tenth time, color-coordinated wardrobe, just one more drop of wine and, why not, a killing impulse that needs to be fed. Actually there aren’t that many differences between Dex and Superman or any other superhero.
I’m on the last season of Dexter and I feel I need to say that this show is riveting me. They keep saying on the show that he is a psychopath, but he doesn’t really seem likea psychopath.
I am glad to see that even after three years since I wrote this short article on the blog, it still makes people think about the subject and keep the conversation going! And yes, therapy could have helped the child in expressing the emotions generated by the trauma and would’ve probably given him the tools for building better attachments in life.
I think that the reason that we like Dexter can be found in the reason that we typically don’t like serial killers and work backwards from there. Most serial killers don’t have a code, they have a profile, which usually includes weaker, vulnerable and isolated victims.
Dexter specifically goes after victims that do harm, or at the very least don’t offend our sensibilities. If Dexter’s dark passenger ever let loose and caused him to go after an annoying neighbor or homeless man, then we would see him on the same level as any other killer. Well, all of the above does not apply to me as I did not like the show at all and I did not like Michael Hall.
I have always found the concepts of capital punishment (either by government or individuals) fascinating. Ethics is a scary subject, and when you get right down to it I think most people are aware of just how non-objective morality is and can therefore easily justify Dexter’s actions as simply being a product of his rational self. I’m not going to directly reply to the post but just share why I can empathise with the character of Dexter.
I think above comment is right on the desintizisation of Americas youth and the fact that killing wther for a unjust or just cause is wrong. This argument is invalid, since other serial killers also appear to be normal, (not keeping heads in house) yet we do not sympathize with them. Funny, usually when I or my rationality-friendly friends try to rationalize with people, we get negative behaviour from them.
Most sociopath serial killers have good social skills, therefore in most cases people like particular serial killer until they find out his true identity.
Your opinion, not fact and definitely not psyhological reason why we like dexter, only your opinion on it. So when exactly are you goind to start to use your head instead of your teeth for thinking? RFGRFG, although I do agree with a couple of your points, I don’t agree with your statement that you are an intelligent person. I score very highly on a range of IQ tests but don’t believe myself to be intelligent. I read Lucias article and found her opinion interesting (thanks for taking the time to write it).
I think that much of the trouble with communication is that people don’t start sharing their opinions by stating they are just that, an opnion as opposed to fact. I try to assimilate any constructive feedback and at times I do reconsider my point of view based on the interesting points you guys bring into the discussion. I just want Psychology Corner to be a place of opinions and constructive debate and sharing.

It’s up to you to figure out the difference regarding the writing style between academic papers and blog posts or articles featured on personal websites. Dexter is just more of the detrimental programming that has covertly brainwashed the zombies that walk the earth. Ya se que empezo el 2006, y ya lleva como 6  temporadas en Estados Unidos y que esta serie  ha ganado mil premios entre buenas criticas desde su estreno, pero recien llega a mi adiccion.
Al parecer a esta temporada le fue excelente, me tinca que va a estar tan buena como la primera. How do we come to empathize with a blood-spatter analyst by day turned serial killer by night?
He is not some middle-aged guy that keeps disected animals in his house and dead bodies in the cellar or in the backyard. When seen from the perspective of compulsions and addictions, Dexter’s situation is completely out of his control. Aside the killing aspect, Dexter managed to be (or at least pass as) a good husband and father, caring brother, team-player and friend. Dexter Morgan, without the Dark Passenger, is just an average guy that struggles to have a normal life, be part of a normal family and have a nice couple life, trying to deal with all the drama in his past and actual life and plays an overall positive social role.
His appearance and acting skills allow you to project about everything on him and his actions in the movie.
He only SORT OF cries and shows sorrow ONCE during the entire series in the bathroom scene where he kills the random asshole redneck dude after Rita’s death. The trauma would still be part of the adult, but coping with those emotions could lead to different social and personal choices. Beneath him, his soon-to-be victim finds himself wrapped in plastic, bound to a cold, hard table.
I started watching the first season 3 or 4 times but I could only get to episode 5 – for some reason I could not care less about what happens to Dexter and his sister and his girlfriend. Some points leave one with wanting more explanation, but this is good summation of what the Viewer undergoes while watching Dexter. The above argument for why Dexter is not a bad individual applies to the foulest of criminals. But the whole reason for this article was is that we can relate to dexter and we’ve all had our moments as human beings with our dark thoughts.
For this argument to be valid, it has to apply to everyone, but it does not, therefore its a lie. You are absolutely right in assuming that the content of the article is my opinion and keep in mind that Psychology Corner is a blog, not a scientific journal or website.
Sometimes I decide to respond to certain comments and at other times I simply don’t have the physical time to do that. My 15 year old nephew freaks out when he can’t get his fix of this [edited by admin] show. A person that claims definitively to have the only proper way of thinking is a narcissist and incapable of conversation. However, the whole story behind Dexter’s behavior seems to hold water and somehow naturally leads him towards this form of catharsis.
You can love or hate him at times, think that he is selfish or generous, caring or lacking empathy, playful or with no sense of humour etc.
The compulsion is something they cannot resist and if it’s managed poorly through external means, these people may lose their core persona in the process. I agree that there are people who no matter what was the way the producers of the show tried to make Dexter likable, they cannot relate to the character whatsoever. The victim’s scream is muffled by the wad of cotton shoved in their mouth as the weapon falls, their killer smiling gleefully as they dispatch them to the depths of Hell.
One is direct action that leads to change while the other is indirect action that trusts its process will lead to faster change.

However, I would not find it more moral for the criminals that Dexter kills to be subjected to capital punishment either. Observable proof suggests that people are to emotional for me or my friends to tryt o rationalize, therefore they perceive it as personal attack and defence mechanism automatically turns on. Television is a marvel of technology and at the same time we have been lied to through it and been made repeaters of the lies. He (the viewer also) seems to be pleased with the idea of killing bad people because they deserve it, because they’ve managed to escape the judicial system, because this is how Dexter deals with his compulsions, because this is how bits of evil actions are gradually stopped.
As you’ve said, it is about perspective and not many people are ready to take a first-person journey through the life of a killer. Ultimately, I think Dexter, to me, demonstrates that humanity, in extreme circumstances, is capable of extreme evil actions but that nonetheless it does not render the individual per se an evil moral agent but rather a victim of humanity itself.
This portrayal is completely deceitful, as so are all these action movie characters where the main hero has a terrible past, but now regrets this and that, and above all, is a complex persona full of complex emotions. Like in first statement, for this argument to be valid it has to apply to all people (most) and since it does not, its bullshit.
If person is on 50% more rational then everyone around(like in dexters and most sociopath cases), it is impossible that other people will like you because of it. Our youth has been desensitized by the killing in video games and shows like Dexter where it makes killing cool and justifies it because Dexter is a good killer and the other killers are bad and deserve to die. Sure, it has to do with morals and the social environment, but it also has to do with cognitive rigidity and distortion. In a way, he has a strong OCD vibe to me in, how meticulous he is about vetting people and setting things up.
On contrary and it have been proven over and over again in different places with different people.
The Pro-Life Vegan Buddhist is operating on the same rules as the Anti-Social, Maniacal, Joker.
No benefit in real life, we have law enforcement to do that job and show them respect for it. Killers, whether army (authorized) killers, street killers as the one this Dexter guy is supposed to be portraying, people who takes the lives of other people are rather primitive subjects.
Its sad tho, that mature person like you, fail to prove me wrong, so instead you simply claim im wrong without any proof. So all in all, dexter in his complex past and string of rules left by his step dad, had a rough childhood witness’s his own mothers death seperated from his blood brother then killing him finding out harry suicided because of him.
Please don’t come up with lame examples about assassins who were also intelligent professionals or whatever.
It’s one of the many elephants in the society, so to speak, and we cannot act as if they do not exist. He’s complex, misunderstood, has an uncontrollable urge, but he is a good guy as you watch throughout the show.
We won’t be able to help them or avoid antisocial activity as long as we sweep things under the rug each time they are too difficult to deal with emotionally or seem to injure our otherwise sensitive sense of moral. Killers are not able to create, to feel complex emotions, to make something new, or actually distinctive or significative of any positive sort to society. Killers do not create revolutionary microchips, or paint mind blowing paintings, nor make fantastic movies or write actually smart books (not just Manson’ morbid books).

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