Digicel is a mobile phone network provider operating in 33 markets across the Caribbean, Central America, and Oceania regions.
Wireless service in the Caribbean had been under the control of the large British company Cable & Wireless, the longtime provider of telecommunications services in the region. In Haiti, where they launched operations in May 2006, the company now has 2.4 million customers making Haiti Digicel's largest customer base to date.
The majority of Digicel networks started up in countries where the telecommunications market had been newly liberalised. In 2007, Digicel also expanded their presence in South America and in the country of Guyana, acquiring U*Mobile, now rebranded as Digicel Guyana Ltd as well as launching in Suriname in December 2007[4] and French Guiana in June 2006. In February 2011, Digicel took a controlling stake in Netxar Technologies, the leading systems integrator in the Caribbean region.[5] Digicel also has coverage in St. In March 2011, Digicel sold its operations in Honduras and El Salvador to Mexican telecom giant America Movil, in turn America Movil sold all of its operations in Jamaica to Digicel. The company's largest competitor in the Caribbean region is FLOW, an outgrowth of Cable & Wireless. Digicel announced that it would invest $9 billion in a mobile phone network in Myanmar, which has virtually no telephone infrastructure. Digicel Fiji on 3 November 2010 changed its logo with a shade of blue in the last letters "cel". Digicel Mobile Money launched in Fiji in July 2010 with subsequent deployments in Tonga (January 2011), Samoa (March 2011), Vanuatu (July 2011) and Nauru and Papua New Guinea in progress.
In addition, Digicel was the first to deploy mobile money services in these countries[10] creating an ecosystem of agents that includes the main commercial banks ANZ Bank, BSP, Westpac, National Bank Vanuatu as well as key money movers such as PostFiji and VanuatuPost.
Attempts by the Jamaican telecoms regulator, the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), to regulate the Jamaican telecoms market resulted in a drawn-out court battle with Digicel throughout the 2000s. In April 2002, Phillip Paulwell, the then Jamaican minister of industry, commerce and technology, in response to a complaint from Digicel, instructed the OUR to refrain from interfering with the pricing policies of Digicel.[12] At the time, Digicel had been charging Cable and Wireless an interconnectivity fee each time Cable and Wireless customers called into Digicela€™s network that was higher than top fee established by the OUR.
Following a judicial review, it was ruled that Paulwell had no power to issue the directive to the OUR. In 2012, Digicela€™s Jamaican offices were raided by the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ) as part of the tax administrationa€™s exercise of auditing various sectors of the Jamaican economy, including all companies in the telecoms sector.[16] A high-profile public debate broke out after the TAJ was forced to resort to the courts to secure information about Digicel that the TAJ had requested. Volunteers from Digicel distributed several tons of food to Haitian citizens in Port-au-Prince, in a distribution sponsored by the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development following the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake.
Digicel is a leading sponsor of Caribbean, Central American and Asia-Pacific sports teams, including the Special Olympics teams throughout these regions.

In the Pacific, Digicel is the sponsor of several national rugby teams and also sponsors the Vanuatu national cricket team.[17] It is the sponsor of the Digicel Cup for rugby in Fiji. In April they were announced as the first global sponsor of the 2013 inaugural tournament for the Caribbean Premier League.[18] This multi-year deal follows their strategy for supporting cricket and other sporting events in the Caribbean. To date the Digicel Foundation in Jamaica has allocated US$7 million to sustainable development community projects in the country.
KINGSTON, Jamaica — Telecommunications companies Digicel and LIME have given hope to Jamaicans as the rivals rolled out their respective Christmas promotions today.
Digicel is offering some $47 million in cash and phone credit while LIME has offered its customers a chance to convert the first five digits of their telephone number into cash.
In the Corporate Area this morning representatives of both companies took to the streets busily encouraging passersby to partake in the respective promotions.
He was speaking in New Kingston where a large number of Lime representatives flooded the streets.
Digicel representatives too were out in their numbers, from Mandela Park in Half-Way-Tree where a Christmas concert was held, to the New Kingston business district. Both companies said that they will now take their promotion island wide, through concerts and special events. Technology Minister, Phillip Paulwell, has advised that approximately 50,000 mobile customers have switched telecommunication providers since number portability was introduced in June. Number portability allows mobile phone users to switch networks without losing their telephone numbers. Paulwell expressed pleasure with the success so far, and indicated hope for continued improvement in the number.
He also suggested that number portability had forced improvements in service and prices within the telecoms market, and expressed optimism of further success in these directions. He said the Government is moving to the next step of number portability; that of allowing Jamaicans to similarly switch landline service providers. We are not the operator so we do not have control over the minutes advertised by the manufacturer. The company is owned by the Irish billionaire Denis O'Brien, is incorporated in Bermuda, and based in Jamaica. Digicel, owned by Irish entrepreneur Denis O'Brien, first established itself in April 2001 in Jamaica. As a result, there have been numerous rows between Digicel executives and former state incumbent operators over interconnect agreements.

On September 2006, Digicel acquired an unrelated mobile phone provider Digicel Holdings in El Salvador, rebranding it as El Nuevo Digicel. The latter actions strengthened America Movil's dominance of the Latin American market, while Digicel strengthened its hold on its domestic market. In Vanuatu, similar to other countries, Digicel reduced the cost of mobile phone ownership dramatically making it available to a much larger number of the population.
However, in 2003, Digicel took the case to Jamaicaa€™s Supreme Court and won, though the OUR subsequently appealed the ruling to the appellate court. It also sponsors TaA§a Digicel, the second top division of the FederaA§ao Futebol Timor-Leste. The number has jumped significantly from approximately 15,000 switches that were recorded up to August. At launch the cost of a phone was 500 vatu compared to the over 1,000 vatu for the incumbent operator Telecom Vanuatu Limited with its Smile network. Wea€™re huge fans of West Indies cricket and this is a great opportunity for us to invest not only in what will be an amazing event, but also in the young cricketers who will benefit from around the regiona€?, stated Digicel Group Marketing Operations Director Kieran Foley.
Digicel promised $5 million in aid to Haiti after the catastrophic 2010 Haiti earthquake struck Port-au-Prince on January 12, 2010. When you buy online through our system you explicity agree to abide by our terms and conditions and are fully aware that we are only an agent of the manufacturer and any dispute with minutes or quality would have to be escalated to the appropriate customer service department of the card manufacturer as advertised on the card information. In the ten years since the initial launch, Digicel's Jamaican customer base has grown to over two million users. In December 2007, Digicel won a highly competitive bid for a mobile license in Honduras and Digicel won a licence to operate in Panama in May 2008. The company has been responsible for several major commitments to re-building Haiti, including the restoration of the historic Iron Market[21] and a commitment to build a new hotel to further encourage economic growth in the capital.
For up to date minutes, tariff and rate information please always contact the card customer support.
Digicel launched in Honduras and the British Virgin Islands in November 2008 and in Panama in December 2008.
Digicel sponsors the highest level of football in Trinidad & Tobago, the TT Pro League, known for sponsorship reasons as "The Digicel Pro League".

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