If you have anyone driving for your organisation for business purposes, you are legally obliged to ensure that their licence is valid and covers the vehicle they are driving.
The new cards will be available online by February 1, 2011 and they will be appearing in local offices by November of this year. Update October 21: Well folks, today is the day that the new South Carolina drivers licenses will be announced and the public will get a glimpse at these new and improved identification cards.
According to The Post and Courier, the DMV has refused to provide an example of the new licenses or explain the new security features prior to today's scheduled announcement. Governor Mark Sanford and DMV Director Marcia Adams will be unveiling the new cards this morning; we'll be sure to keep you posted.
First reporting: The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has announced they'll be issuing more secure driver's license and state identification card come late September or early October. Note: an automatic prohibition shall be issued if any person has been convicted of two or more tobacco sales offences committed at the same place of business within a five-year period.

An Ontario Photo Identification card is issued by the government, only to Ontario residents that do not have a driver’s license, who are over the age of 16 years old.
Employees and employers must request Identification from anyone who appears to be under the age of 25. The license will have a new look and new security features including laser perforations and special printing that reacts to UV lights as well as overlapping data onto a ghost image in the lower right corner of the license. Good, because actually looking at a date and doing basic math to figure out if you’re younger than 21 is way way too much work. Note: This website, and the content within, may not necessarily be the views of the author's employers, friends or family. According to the department, you do not need to replace your current driver’s license or identification card until it expires. By posting text, links, and imagery on this site you recognize that you are entirely responsible for each item posted.

See diagram above.The date of birth is found half-way on the photo page, after the person’s name and Nationality. For a city population that has trouble keeping the little license plate stickers for longer than two weeks, or a package on their doorstep for longer than two hours, mailing us our official government identification sounds like a great idea.
Therefore, it is important to review your checking procedures regularly and take into account any changes.
Something a little uglier, harder to forge yet easier to steal, and with the Arch on it…you know important changes to us, the average citizen. The guy with frosted bangs pushed up to make one of those little hair walls, like he’s worried that his forehead zits might try to march on the rest of his head?

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