As part of its ongoing improvement process, the Emirates Identity Authority has completed the development of the e-form, which is filled out by customers at the typing offices as a first step of registration in ID card and population register.In developing the e-form, the Emirates Identity Authority took into consideration all the feedback received from customers over the past period as well as the recommendations made by its strategy backup office with respect to upgrading the standard and kind of services provided to the public. The Emirates Identity Authority developed the e-form as per a methodology that was prepared and endorsed following a study of the customers' feedback and viewpoints about the shape and content of the old form. To be more accurate and clearer, the new form saw the customer's telephone number printed in a larger font with the aim of minimizing errors in this significant part of the e-form. The new form also contains a section for significant remarks as well as the procedures required to be taken by customers while the required data have been arranged in order of importance.

The Emirates Identity Authority is calling on all customers to make sure that their telephone numbers printed on their e-forms are accurate and correct.
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In case of any error, however, customers should communicate with the call center as soon as possible to correct the number, which is the main means of communication between the Emirates Identity Authority and customers in the subsequent stages, particularly when ID cards are delivered to their owners.

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