Mobile phone users in Egypt have until 23 March 2012 to change their phone numbers from ten to 11 digits.
The National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority [NTRA] announced deadline in a press release on Wednesday. Numbers that are not changed will cease to work after the deadline and users will receive a voice message warning him or her to update their number. The move was first announced in October, in a move designed to meet increased user demand, the authority said.

Egypt had 76.43 million mobile users as of June 2011, up 30 per cent on the year before, government figures showed in September 2011. Here you can find much information about Mobile Phone Keypads Keyboards manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers.
Since the October announcement users have been able to call using either their old number or the new 11-digit number. Readers are asked to limit their feedback to a maximum of 1000 characters (roughly 50 words).

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