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What's your experience with US Airways call centers and customer service over the past few days?
Oh my gosh, I used skype to call United Kingdom-- got through to a human agent in under 30 seconds, she was wonderful.
Vicki, so glad this was helpful to you and that you got through to a live agent quickly on US Air's UK line!
I've been trying to call their US customer service number for several days now just to get confirmation on wheelchair services for my wife. What are the best first class lounges that provide access when connecting onward to a business class flight?
Use the flight bookings tool on the left to identify and make a reservation on the cheapest airline - it will show you flight schedules and airfares for all airlines flying the route. One of my major frustrations about Terminal 4 at JFK is that all of the lounges are landside, meaning you have to clear security between the time you visit the lounge and when you board the plane. Past security Terminal 4 is a complete dump, so I was almost happy that security took forever. I got to my departure gate, B29, shortly after boarding was called, and first snapped a quick picture of the Airbus 340-500 that would be taking me to Abu Dhabi. At the door I was greeted by the cabin manager, Suman, who had one of her colleagues escort me to my seat. At my seat already was a welcome card from the cabin manager with her business card, a Formula One promotional card, and a box of pralines.
Unfortunately once my bag was stored I wasn’t offered anything for about 20 minutes, which is a record for me in international first class. Right around departure time the flight attendants came around with Arabic coffee and dates (I figured their business card with their phone number was plenty on the dates front!
As departure time rolled around the captain came on the PA to welcome us aboard and advise us of our flight time of 12hr30min. Beyond that, is this seriously the menu for the main meal in international first class on a 12+ hour flight? Service started with a rather large ramekin of nuts, which kept me entertained for about 10 minutes.
About 10 minutes later I was offered some sort of chicken skewer starter, though there was still no sign of my Diet Coke. It wasn’t until about 45 minutes into the flight that I got served my drink, along with the meal. On the whole, Etihad has a lot of work to do with their first class service based on this flight, and many of the issues are an easy fix.
Based on this flight the food and beverage manager adds zero value to the “experience,” so why not cut the position and instead make the service more efficient?

Beyond that, c’mon Etihad, the meal service is pathetic for international first class. I had a bit of a cold during the flight, so actually fell asleep before my tray was cleared or seat was reclined.
Then for the main course I had cinnamon pancakes, which were rather underwhelming, in terms of both quantity and quality. About 30 minutes before landing we began our descent into Abu Dhabi, and the captain turned on the seatbelt sign. After a smooth touchdown, quick taxi, and 10 minutes worth of jet bridge malfunctions, I was finally in the UAE. There were no lines at immigration, though I was amazed at the fact that most of the immigration officers were yapping away on their cell phones while working. Once in the arrivals hall I followed the signs towards Etihad chauffeur, since I had set up a complimentary car transfer to the Park Hyatt Dubai, where I would be staying. At the desk I gave them my boarding pass and was given a slip with my destination on it, to give to the driver.
Etihad uses mostly Audis for their chauffeur service, and about 75 minutes later we pulled into the Park Hyatt Dubai.
It’s kind of funny to read… you know we are all spoiled when you can fly in an enclosed suite with a bed and still describe it as disappointing!!! Great trip report so far, though I did not travel First, I did travel Business on their 77W and thought the seat was absolutely amazing. The boarding music is quite pleasant but when you fly them regularly it really gets on your nerves. Call Center is a disaster right now, as anyone who's tried to call 800-428-4322 or even the U.S. While American Airlines also requires you to call to book partners such as Cathay Pacific, Etihad, etc., at least some of American's partners, such as British Airways, Air Berlin, Qantas and Royal Jordanian are available for online booking. It used to be possible to close a credit card, and a year or two later, apply for the same credit card to earn the signup bonus again. To get it to appear, I recommend using a Chrome incognito window or private browser, if using Safari.
On FlyerTalk, applicants are divided on whether calling helps or hurts your chances of getting approved. Email us a review of your flight and we'll send you flight discount vouchers to reduce the cost of your next one. In the background was the Emirates Airbus 380, which would be departing around the same time to Dubai, less than 100 miles away. At that point, just shortly before departure, the food and beverage manager Carrie came by to introduce herself. There were three flight attendants working first class — the cabin manager, who was Indian, the food and beverage manager, who was Australian, and the third flight attendant, who was Thai.

I ordered a Diet Coke to drink, and went with the soup as the starter and chicken kebab as the main course. They served the meal on a tray, which is a first for me in international longhaul first class. For example, the food and beverage manager seems to want to interact whenever anything relates to the meal service.
You can’t provide a personalized level of service if one flight attendant is looking after 12 passengers.
I woke up just over London as the sun was coming up, and asked the flight attendants to please provide turndown service for my seat. While the meal makes sense in terms of my body’s clock, it is always a bit weird to have breakfast, only to arrive somewhere during dinnertime.
And it’s actually a general trend I noticed in the UAE, that workers talked on their cell phones while on duty, regardless of their job.
Their hard product (seat and entertainment) was phenomenal, while their soft product (service and food) was underwhelming. He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to fund his first class experiences.
This is hands down the most underwhelming international first class menu of any airline I’ve ever flown. That means you basically have one flight attendant taking care of 12 passengers, while the others just roam awkwardly. Instead why not put one flight attendant in each aisle so that the service is more personalized, efficient, and accurate, since on several occasions I asked for a refill, only to have to follow up several times.
Now, of course there have been a slew of weather related cancellations this week, with US Airways' Charlotte hub a real mess. If you have Skype or other cheap calling plan, it will be an inexpensive call, and avoid the frustration of being hung up on or waiting on hold for hours. Close your eyes for 15 minutes and listen to this music, and I can promise your mind will be clear as could be. One time when I asked one of the other flight attendants for something, she said she would let the food and beverage manager know of the request.
Just note that these are not 24 hour call centers, so you may need to call a different region if the call center you call is currently closed.

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