The assistants featured here will be able to voice dial, send text and emails, search information on web, update social media status, manage contacts and reminders, check in with Foursquare, find local shops, etc. More: In case you want your Android to be a more powerful assistant for your design work, check out our collection of 65 useful Android apps for designers! Vlingo Virtual Assistant will complete whatever action you’ve told it to do and it is highly recommended by most Android users. As a full-fledged assistant, it can voice dial, get directions, open apps, send text and emails, search the web, find local shops, buy movie tickets and book hotel rooms, update Facebook or Twitter status, check in with foursquare, etc.
The assistant is able to help you to get maps, send email, launch apps, find information and news, look up weather reports, dial, text and email friend from contacts and even connect with various services like Twitter and Facebook. Voice Actions is an awesome app which enables Android users to command their phones via voice commands with Google’s PHENOMENAL Speech Recognition.
With the voice command, it’s able to play music, launch browser, painting, send text messages and emails, voice dial your contacts, open favorites and recent contacts, set alarms and reminders, search Ebay, Amazon and Wolfram, control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, volume etc.

Its features include making memos, calls, expense reports, getting basic stock quotes, announcing incoming calls, mapping addresses and locations, posting on Facebook, starting applications, loading web pages or bookmarks, managing contacts, contact groups, lists, calendar, etc. The assistant is also equipped with solid features like tweeting, SMS, search, date and time management, translation, weather forecast, calls, application launcher, etc. Cyberon Voice Commander allows communication between people and Android phones through voice. Features include number dialing, application launcher, service enabler, text-to-speech and acting without key-pressing when only 1 recognition result is available. Text by Voice turns your Android phone to a hands-free and eyes-free device through speech recognition.
PhoneVoice is a text-to-speech utility for Android phone which is able to send you notification in voice form for incoming calls and SMS.
Some even claim that Vlingo is more powerful than Siri in term of usability, capability, accuracy and speed.

It understands (almost) everything you say as voice commands and responds to it accordingly. You can simply start a conversation with Voice Actions by sending voice command and ask any question.
It’s using text-to-speech technology and voice recognition to turn your phone into a completely hands-free powerful device.
You can just speak any command naturally and it will reply with a confirmation before it executes the given command. It has a very user-friendly interface to show all the commands you can speak to Android phone.

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