Whether you’re trying to create a media center remote, or wireless file server, there are a number of cellphone and computer applications that need your smartphone’s IP address.
Read on for an illustrated tutorial for the major smartphone brands, including Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.
If you’ve got a computer on the same (Wi-Fi) network, it might be easier to use than a mobile phone.
To be able to see your local IP address, first make sure your mobile is connected to a (Wi-Fi) network. Here you’ll see your IP address, no matter if you use a dynamic or static IP address (see screenshot above).
If you’re using BlacBerry Device Software 4.5 or earlier, select Wi-Fi Diagnostics in the Wi-Fi Connections pane. This is a timely article as I’m in the process of moving from my plain vanilla GSM phone to an iPhone.

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A pop-up with network specifics will appear, listing your current IP address at the bottom.

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