Best Buy Mobile stores can be found in malls or in neighborhood shopping centers and focus on mobile devices and accessories. You can shop for smartphones and tablets from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, from all the top brands, along with a huge range of accessories. I went to the Best Buy Mobile store at the Lincolnwood Town Center mall just outside of Chicago. The person helping me gave me all the specs on all the phones – and told me very clearing that ultimately this was MY decision to make.
I walked into the store knowing I wanted an iphone 5…but was mesmerized by the new Galaxy S4.
Overall, I really enjoyed my shopping experience at the Lincolnwood Best Buy Mobile store…and plan to go back when my husband is ready to upgrade his phone.
Thank you Best Buy and the Women’s Leadership Form for introducing me to Best Buy Mobile.

This is interesting, this deal is the day after verizon takes off the b1g1 sale of the fascinate. This is only the 1st week, im sure they'll have something nice out for sprint as well in the following weeks of this promotion. You can even bring in your old phone and get up to $200 back at any Best Buy Mobile specialty store (see my review below).
The salesman was telling me that if I wanted all the newest bells and whistles that the Galaxy S4 was the way to go.
They have a huge selection, great knowledgeable staff, plus enough phones and tables to keep my boys entertained the entire time I was there. I didn’t even know Best Buy had mobile specialty stores before this campaign and had no idea they did this EVERYDAY.
So I did want any social media junkie would do…I tried to crowd source my decision (just like I crowd sourced my new dress).

The salesman was honest and told me NOT to trade it in at the store because he knew I could make more money selling it on craigslist. Pricing and options – that is, smartphones are often priced less at Best Buy and mail-in rebates are unheard of. The store is smaller…which means less customers at one time = more personal attention.

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