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Some people collect them, others are less fussed and new people to telephone card collecting may not even know what a Phonecard control number is? The majority of telephone cards issued around the world carry a unique number which is printed onto the Phonecard (normally) at the time of manufacturing, and acts as a serial number.
Landis & Gyr optical telephone cards which were utlised by British Telecom (BT) in the United Kingdom between 1981 and 1996 featured control numbers on the reverse of BT Phonecards. L&G optical telephone cards issued globally, just like those issued in the UK feature a control number on the reverse of their telephone cards too. The vast majority of Landis & Gyr optical phonecards, including those issued by British Telecom (BT) between 1981 and 1995, feature a matt and or glossy black reverse - similar to the Phonecard pictured below on the left.
To locate a BT Phonecards control number, hold the telephone card so you are looking at the back of it. Pictured above - The reverse of two optical BT Phonecards - the cards individual or unique control number can be found within the red circle.
If the control number appears the wrong way up for you to read, then this is considered a normal or upright control number. Now you've found the optical Phonecards control number, the next thing is understanding what the numbers actually mean. The following section has been created using information found within the World Phonecard Catalogue United Kingdom 1 (pictured right). The control numbers of definitive 'green' cards produced between 1981 and 1983 in Switzerland had the following prefix G0, G1, G2, G4, G5 or G6, followed by a 6 digit number, like the example below.

Pictured above - Face of definitive 1st issue 200unit BT Phonecard (left) and cards control number on the reverse (right).
The majority of BT optical telephone cards follow this second method or layout of the control number found on the reverse of the card.
Pictured above - Face of English Heritage BT Phonecard (left) and cards control number on the reverse (right). BT Phonecards produced in smaller quantities from 1994 saw a different format developed for the cards control number.
These cards, unlike previous BT Phonecards already had the control number printed onto the reverse of the card and were also already pre-encoded with a number of units e.g. Pictured above - Face of Alliance & Leicester BT Phonecard (left) and cards control number on the reverse (right). The second and third digits which signifies the number of units the card has, use the following: 05 = 5units, 10 = 10units, 20 = 20units, 50 = 50units, 00 = 100units. The forth digit, a letter and which signifies the month he card was manufactured uses the following: A = January, B = February, C = March, D = April, E = May, F = June, G = July, H = August, J = September, K = October, L = November, M = December - A to M, excluding I.
Plus if you are a collector and would like to contribute content, images or information to this page, please also contact me. You must be at least 18 years old to use this service and have the permission of the bill payer to make the call.
Should the need arise, the telephone card could be traced back to the date, batch and factory in which it was produced. The telephone cards control number can be found on this black (reverse) side in the cards corner, as circled in red. These cards like all optical Phonecards feature a control number, and can be found in the same way as described below.

Holding the card and turning it into the light (to catch the light on the reverse of the card) you should see the control number in the bottom right hand corner.
If however the control number is the right way up, the control number is what is known as inverted. If you are unsure, read on to learn more about the different control number formats that were used.
The control numbers found on the reverse of these cards feature the letter G at the start of control number e.g. On the face of it (on the front of the card) they would look identical, but the control number tells a very different story. I'd be keen to hear from you, please contact me and tell me more about the card, or better still, send over a photo or scan of both sides of the telephone card. Our service consists of a call connection, which means you are dialling one of our numbers and not the number of the company you are looking for.
Inverted controls are far more uncommon, compared to upright control numbers, though this does depend on the card that it appears. It may occur that you are disconnected or that you find yourself in a queue, then please call back the number you have been given on your call.

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