Filling out a form is hard as it is, and if there's one field no form creater has ever managed to figure out how to design, and no form filler has ever taken joy of filling in, that's the phone number field. It doesn't take much to screw it all up even more, and Turkish Airlines has managed to do just that, while trying to make it an easier experience. What you see here, is the dropdown menu for selecting the country code of your phone number. The easiest drop-in option would be Javascript, namely Chosen.js, which allows the user to enter anything from the dropdown choices, filter accordingly and show the filtered results.
Taking it one step further, the chosen country code could also modify the fields for the other digits, to accomodate for further number format changes. If Javascript is not a choice (and it not always is), then the options should be ordered properly. With a little modification, this would also allow the user to just type in the code if they know it, and move on promptly. If you really want to make assumptions, assume that the phone number might either be from the origin country, or the destination country, and write every other country in proper alphabetical order. Usually, the person you are calling will have given you the number in a format similar to the one illustrated above.
Also, put the country code after the name of the country, so the user can type that in if they are searching for their code.

You will also find a complete listing of all of the country codes for every country and satellite in the world.
This form fails to follow the rule, assuming the potential customer would probably be from one of those countries. What happens when someone from The Netherlands scrolls down to the letter "N", just to see that the country isn't there? Technically, dropdown menus let the user find an option by typing its first few characters when it is selected, but in this case, since the options start with "+XX" country code digits, there is no way to search by country.
Having the first 10 choices not sorted makes no sense as well a€”it might make sense to Turkish Airlines, but it's random as hell for a flier.
If the user has to search by entering the number, they might just as well enter it in a text field. IP Address) and you must also have a local US phone number in order to activate your Google Voice phone number.
There are however some simple workarounds that will help you enable Google Voice from anywhere outside the USA.
I activated Google Voice from India but the same procedure should work with other countries as well. Step 4: Launch the Express Talk softphone software (you may have previously downloaded this software for activating your local US phone number).

If you get an error message saying – “Google Voice is not available in your country” – clear your browser cookies and try again. You may enter a US area code and some word to get a memorable phone number or pick one from the available choices. In the next screen, input your local US number that will ring when someone dials your Google Voice number. Enter the confirmation code using the dial pad of Express Talk and once it is verified, your Google Voice phone number is ready for use.
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