A lot of people are talking about the iPhone these days, and here you will get to know about a few ways you can find the IMEI number, the serial number and the ICCID of your iPhone.
You need to connect your iPhone to your PC and then select your device when it starts appearing in iTunes (7.6 or higher). Select the 'Summary' tab and you will get to know about the serial number of your device.You will get to see the IMEI number by clicking on the 'Phone Number' in the same 'Summary' tab. Open the 'About' screen of your device by going to Settings, then General and then About from the homescreen.Scroll down a little and you will get to see the IMEI and serial number. Update #1: To find your original carrier & unlock status by IMEI you can try our FREE iPhone IMEI Check.
Opinion: Do services really have the kind of revenue potential Apple would like us to believe? While there may only be a few hardware variations between these two models, there’s one obvious difference about this year’s iPhone.
Apple has slimmed down the design and went with something that closely resembles the fifth generation iPod touch. Also, I’m not going to make this a review about durability, because honestly, I haven’t used these devices long enough.
The iPhone 6 Plus comes along with optical image stabilization which definitely helps when it comes to photography and video. If you’d like to see maximum potential of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus camera, I’ve put together a cinematic video test that you can check out here. Apple has fine-tuned iOS 8 to work better with these larger devices by adding a few of software enhancements to make them easier to navigate.
There are also a couple of zoom options available that will take advantage of the screen’s resolution.
Normally I don’t get too in-depth with battery life because it varies so much between users, but it’s important to point out a couple of things about these two devices. These numbers will obviously vary based on your specific usage, but Apple has finally managed to make an iPhone with all-day battery life. Or are you afraid to say that it’s lousy because you want to stay on Apple’s good side? Clearly you have am interest in promoting Apple products, since you work for a company that advertises Apple products. Anyone reading this review should take it with a grain of salt and consider other reviews and other phones.
But if sheep will buy whatever product they are programmed to, that allows the company to be lazy and have software that needs to be in installed and phones that bend.
He’s butt hurt because deep down he knows Samsung phones are garbage, but he comes here to self affirm his delusion that they are the best because he is stuck with one.

There are numerous posts regarding IMEI as well as how to check whether or not the IMEI is valid. If you are a Windows user then you can perform this action by choosing 'Edit' and then 'Preferences'. Five methods you can follow in order to know about the IMEI and serial number of your iPhone. But it looks like there is a new major flaw has been discovered that allows users to disable "Find My iPhone" without needing to write the required password. The iPhone 6 Plus is considered a phablet in my eyes, while the iPhone 6 is probably a strong candidate for the average consumer. When it comes to the iPhone 6 Plus, it features the same internal specifications along with a larger battery 2,915 mAh battery, optical image stabilization on the rear camera, and a 5.5-inch 1,920 x 1,080 display (401 ppi).
I’m a big fan of the thinner design, but sometimes we must sacrifice certain things to get there. Even though we’re dealing with an 8-megapixel camera, it’s possibly one of the best cameras on a smartphone. For comparison’s sake, I’ve put together a stabilization demo that you can see in the video above. Though some may be disappointed that you’re only getting up to 1080p video recording capabilities at either 30 or 60 frames per second. If you’d like to know more about iOS 8 or its new features, check out our Top 20 iOS 8 Features article.
Initially these are configured when the iPhone is first setup, but they can be accessed later through the Settings app.
The home screen and other specific apps can be rotated into landscape mode to bring more of an iPad-like experience to this larger 5.5-inch display. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 6 Plus is great with its display and battery life, but I just need a device that’s a bit more pocketable and I’m willing to sacrifice a few features for that. He is an a trolling idiot and you’re the one feeding him, my god you even said the same thing on two different comments and then resorted to calling him gay and poor please shut up I think Herb is a fucking moron but your not helping your own case by acting like a child.
Unlockboot strives hard to bring you the most reliable methods online, and will continue to do so. It’s running iOS 8, has a great camera, thinner design, and a handful of features that make it different from last year’s iPhone. UHD may not matter to everyone, but once again Apple is trailing behind most other smartphones in this department. But this isn’t an iOS 8 review, we’re talking about the overall experience with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This new feature allows you to double tap (not double press) on the home button to move down the user interface.

Apple Pay is a new mobile payment platform that will be rolling out soon, but until that happens, NFC doesn’t really matter. Without making this too much of a comparison, if you’re a fan of larger displays, I’d go with the iPhone 6 Plus, if not then the iPhone 6 is for you. If you’re coming from a previous iOS device or an Android device, you’ll be happy with either one.
Enabling the rotation lock flipped the homescreen to the correct position, but after re-disabling it, it flipped once again returning to the original (bugged) upside down way.
At least, I feel more secured with ApplePay-TouchID integration, not so much with Google Wallet. Because of its design, the iPhone 6 Plus is larger than most other 5.5-inch Android devices.
The volume buttons and mute switch are on the left side and you’ll find the microphone, speaker, lightning port, and 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom. Though it is nice that you can pick up the device and be able to use it regardless of its orientation.
If you’d like to check out our iPhone 6 unboxing video click here, or you can find the iPhone 6 Plus unboxing video here. I haven’t experienced any bending with the iPhone 6 Plus, but it has been affecting many other consumers. Though as you may notice from the video above, this curved edge is going to be problematic if you prefer to have a screen protectors that extends to the edge of the glass, because technically there is no edge. All of that said, I’m a fan of the display quality on both models and the overall design. I realize that many other carriers don’t have this issue, but seriously thank you, Cellular Gods. Issues aside, it looks like (unsurprisingly) this is the best iPhone yet, though durability may tell a different story.
In addition to that, I’m always a fan of buying an iPhone that doesn’t look exactly like its predecessor. Otherwise, call quality is crisp and clear, but if you have the option with certain contacts, FaceTime Audio is even better. As far as the antenna bands go, I’m not totally in love with them yet, but in my opinion they look the best on Space Gray models. With heavy use I always felt like its clock was ticking, but it was still a slight improvement and it was definitely better than my iPhone 5s.

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