Dear Customer,Your service request has been completed and your IPOD NANO shipped on 2013-04-12.
In case, due to any reason, you do not have access to About screen or your iOS device won’t turn ON, you can find the serial number on the SIM tray of your device. If you've got the first generation model, then it might actually be a fire starter masquerading as a digital music player.
This is the link that takes you to Apple's info page on the program, and this link starts the process to see if your iPod nano qualifies. If it's not working for you, try switching browsers and try again, or try taking it into an Apple Store and they can help you get the ball rolling. But you just might get a new 6th generation model out of it.Apple has recently concluded that some 1st generation iPod nanos have a faulty battery with a manufacturing defect that can cause overheating, which can obviously pose a safety risk.

First generation iPhone had the serial number printed on its back, many newer iOS devices don’t. So, if you have an old iPod nano that you purchased between September 2005 and December 2006, stop using it now and head on over to Apple's iPod nano (1st gen) Replacement Program.The first generation nano models have a silver metal backing and either a white or black plastic front.
If you've got one of the newer all-metal ones, then you're in the clear.If you indeed have a 1st gen nano, then you might qualify for the replacement program. To see if you qualify, you'll need to find the serial number on your device (picture below) and enter it into Apple's system.
The program is only offered in 19 countries, so select your country and proceed to check your serial number.If you're eligible, just follow the steps on Apple's site to claim your replacement model. Many users have reported getting refurbished 1st generation models, but it seems like Apple may have run out of refurbished versions.

Some owners are now claiming to have received new 6th generation iPod nanos as replacements.
So, if you act now you might be lucky enough to snag one, complete with a touchscreen, pedometer, and FM radio!If your current model has a personal engraving, you will be getting an un-engraved version back. If you need instructions on that, click on either Mac or Windows for your respective operating system.

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