One of the best uses of American Express Bluebird is the ability to pay for transactions which can’t usually be made with a miles or points earning credit card. Here’s a post on other credit cards to use with Bluebird, so that you’re not maxing out on just 1 card. You may also be able to pay for the Vanilla Reloads with a credit card at Walgreen’s, but this isn’t always the case and could be a bit of wild goose chase.
Here’s a post on what a Vanilla Reload looks like and  how to load a Vanilla Reload card to your Bluebird account. The Vanilla Reload cards which you’re after are usually next to the blue American Express Prepaid cards.
There are a few different “Vanilla” cards so make sure you buy the correct Vanilla Reload card! Editorial Disclaimer: Neither the responses below nor the editorial content on this page are provided or commissioned by the bank advertisers, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertisers. Once I load my bluebird with a vanilla reload card, can I go back to CVS to add more funds to the same vanilla reload card or is this not possible? I went to CVS today and manager said you can’t buy a Vanilla Reload with a Credit Card. If I reload my Vanilla Visa card can the funds be applied to my debit card, or to my bank account? Successfully purchased 2 Vanilla Reload cards ($500 each) with my new Barclay Arrival credit card at CVS today. You may have already addressed this in the many comments prior to now, but the cards that you X out above and are not Vanilla reloads *can* still be used to load your Bluebird, contrary to what you said. If I have a $100 vanilla visa gift card (yellow) and a $50 vanilla visa gift card (red) can I use those to load a vanilla reload card?
Where can I find a current list of all the cards that can be uploaded to bluebird (online or at Walmart).

Also, I’ve seen mixed reviews with some people saying not to purchase gift cards with Citi or Chase, while others say it is fine.
Chase Sapphire Preferred offers a 5x point payout on cable, tv, cellphone, landline, internet, and office supply stores, so if you can, try to use your Chase Sapphire Preferred at Office Depot to buy Vanilla Reload Cards to 5 points for every $1 spent on Vanilla Reload Cards. Then after that, I enter the BB card number into the VR card website and use BB to pay my rent, phone, bills, etc. I just got my new permanent Bluebird card set up online bluebird access and was able to find a cvs that would let me pay for 2 $500 Van Reload cards with a Cap One card to help meet the min spend requirement. What is not being said is; vanilla changed their card format in Michigan , no scratch off anymore. I found Vanilla Reload at the local Dollar General, but it had no PIN on the back to scratch off. I am new to this game and after getting a Bluebird card I mistakenly bought three $500 MyVanilla Personal reloadable Prepaid Visa cards and need to use these to pay my mortgage.
Is there a way I can transfer the entire amount to my Bluebird card at Wal-Mart and if so who does this at Wal-Mart?
This comment goes out to the comment I read above dated April 22nd from Fiendra who claimed that she is a customer service rep for Vanilla reload and she can increase the amounts of a card. Funds on a temporary card will transfer to your permanent Bluebird, but the loading limit is very low. Can anyone tell me if the Vanilla Reload is still available at Walmart or Walgreens currently to reload my permanent Amex BlueBird? I’m looking for the lowest fee, with a card that can be purchased with credit card, and is readily available.
Any thoughts on which banks will allow these purchases without charging exorbitant cash advance fees?
Please correct me if there is something wrong with what I got below after reading your post.

I plan to use Bluebird (BB) and Vanilla Reload (VR) to meet my spending requirement for 50k bonus.
I’m looking for the lowest fee, with a card that can be purchased with credit card, and is readily available. I’m about to type in the bluebird 15 digit card number and the Vanilla reload pin on the VR website when I noticed the Bluebird account site asking me to link a funding source which they say can be either a US Bank or a Debit card. Does putting too much Vanilla Reloads on one particular credit card bring unwanted attention from the credit card’s issuer or is this more a matter of keeping a reasonable debt-utilization ratio on our credit cards?
American Express, Barclaycard, Chase, and US Bank are Million Mile Secrets advertising partners.
It seems exceedingly difficult to find Vanilla Reloads, and then to find a store that will let you pay with credit card. So, I go and apply for permanent Bluebird card via its website and wait for the card to arrive in 7-10 business days. If another option would cost $4.95 but be easier to locate and purchase, it would be well worth it. Will this limit of $100 per day prevent me from loading the 2 $500 VR cards to bluebird thru the VR website ? Or if there are cards that can receive more than $500… Also can I use my Bluebird Card out of U.S.A like in europe, asia, and Africa??
Does that mean I have to buy one of those for $2.95 to be used every time I want to buy a VR, so that I have somewhere to load it on to?

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