Location: You need to purchase a property called Dock Sonar Collections (it costs 250 thousand dollars) located in the North-Eastern part of the map, Westward of Mount Chilliad. An example of a submarine part - there is 30 of them, in totalTo locate the submarine parts, you may either use the "GTA V - Maps and collectibles" guide, or head towards the green circles appearing on the world map, and follow the radar's readings. You can either kill Abigail or let her leave the dockAfter you have collected all thirty parts, wait for Michael to contact Abigail and return to the Sonar Collections dock to talk to the woman. One of the first things I did (and the majority of you I am assuming) was roam around the map in Grand Theft Auto V trying to find a helicopter. While you do unlock a helipad with game progress alone, it only houses a helicopter if you find one and land it there.

After you purchase the property, while playing as Michael wait for a question mark to appear, reach the place and walk over to the other end of the pier shown in the above screenshot. I recommend that you have a careful look while underwater, because apart from the collectibles themselves, you can also find briefcases with cash, first-aid kits and new weapon models. The final to this conversation will be a pretty disenchanting one because you will receive the measly 10 dollars for your efforts.
You should watch out for sharks also, and steer clear of them, because they may attack Michael. Depending on your preferences, you can either exact revenge on the woman, or let her leave the dock.

Once you have purchased it, the helicopter will appear on the right helipad for Michael and left for Franklin.
Abigail will send you on an errand to find parts of the submarine deep underwater in various parts of the map. To start the process of searching for the submarine parts, walk aboard the red boat (Nagasaki Dinghy) moored at the pier, which is equipped with a diving suit.

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