A MAC address is a unique identifier that is assigned to each physical network interface on a computer. If your intention is to spoof an address, generating a random MAC address is usually the best bet to avoid any network conflicts. I ran the command on en1, asked for pass, however even after checking both network preferences and the grep ether, still getting old mac address.
Your iPhone's Wi-Fi interface has a permanent, unique serial number called a media access control (MAC) address.
The iPhone's MAC address - referred to as the Wi-Fi Address in iOS settings - is displayed on the screen. This is important: You should not share your MAC address with anyone except authorized IT personnel. This tutorial will help you find the MAC address for your ethernet and wireless cards quickly. In the details shown in the command prompt, the number listed under Physical Address, next to \Device\Tcipip_…. If you find more than one MAC address, see the detailed method below to lookup MAC address for specific devices (like ethernet or wireless network).

Several details will be listed below – you should first locate the device for which you need MAC address.
How find mac address windows 10 - laptop mag, Discover your computer's unique mac address so you can use it in your router settings..
How find iphone' mac address macinstruct, Your iphone's wi-fi interface has a permanent, unique serial number called a media access control (mac) address. In mac os , find mac address ethernet, In mac os , find mac address ethernet wireless interface?
Different than a computers IP address, MAC addresses are frequently used for network access control and to monitor network connectivity, and they can be spoofed for virtualization needs or to circumvent some network limitations. You can also retrieve individual IP addresses and MAC addresses together with the ifconfig command, although the output isn’t nearly as user friendly. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Some universities and employers may request your iPhone's MAC address to monitor or limit your access to certain Wi-Fi networks. For example, if your iPhone is stolen on a university's campus, the IT department may be able to use its MAC address to trigger an alert when the criminal connects your iPhone to a university network.

A former ghost writer for some of Apple's most notable instructors, Cone founded Macinstruct in 1999, a site with OS X tutorials that boasts hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month. If you need to access yours, here’s how to find one from the friendly GUI and the command line.
For reasons like this, it can be a good idea to find and store your iPhone's MAC addresses.
In a worst-case scenario, a malicious individual could acquire and spoof your MAC address, and you could be blamed for the illegal activity conducted by the malicious individual.
For example, if you need MAC address of Wireless LAN, you should take the number next to physical address under Wireless LAN adapter.

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