Welcome to here’s the thing, your source for practical tips, advice, and how-tos about the gadgets you use each day. Sometimes it’s the kindness of strangers—and not some newfangled GPS tracking system—that gets your lost iPhone back in one piece. The taxi was still pulling away when my wife began fishing around in her purse for her iPhone—and suddenly froze. Yep, her precious iPhone 4, complete with all her contacts, photos, corporate email, and even her favorite game (Boggle), had vanished. Was it possible my wife had simply left her phone at our friend’s house, or back at the office? While my wife had been careful to lock her phone with a four-digit PIN, we took nothing for granted, immediately changing her personal work and email passwords. If you have an iPhone, make sure you have Find My iPhone (a free service) activated and enabled—and make sure to test it before the worst happens. If you lose your phone and can’t track it down, call you carrier immediately and report it missing.
Az Apple online szolgaltatasai kozott talan a legegyedulallobb funkcio a Find My iPhone, ami segit az elveszitett keszulekeket megkeriteni, sot, a hirek szerint mar eletet is mentett. Az iOS 8-ban markans valtozas nem tortent a szolgaltatas mukodeset illetoen, viszont egy rendkivul hasznos uj funkcio kerult beepitesre. Adatvedelmi okokbol kifolyolag termeszetesen nincs alapertelmezesben bekapcsolva az uj lehetoseg, de ezen konnyeden valtoztathatunk. CAPTCHAA kerdes azt vizsgalja, hogy valos latogato vagy robot szeretne az urlapot bekuldeni. When an iDevice is lost or stolen, it's a race against time to find it before the battery dies. You'll need to enable this feature for it to start working, but doing so is a piece of cake. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. When trying to view the location in Find My iPhone, it shows my phone as "Offline" even though I am connected to an active Wi-Fi signal and have location services on.
I've tried all steps in Troubleshooting Find My iPhone under "'No location available' alert", but the issue persists.

Don't quote me on this, but I think an iPhone will always try to locate itself through the cellular network when available (cellular location is more accurate than WiFi). As for your iPhone not using the Wi-Fi to locate itself, that’s probably because the network is not yet in Apple’s database.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged jailbreak find-my-iphone or ask your own question. Send location ios 8 helps find dead iphone, A tracking feature ios 8 called send location helps apple' find iphone service, iphone' battery died.. Backup icloud manually iphone ipad, Whatever situation, ’ll show initiate backup icloud instantly iphone, ipad, ipod touch: start manual backup . About three weeks ago, my wife and I had just finished visiting a friend in Manhattan’s East Village. Unfortunately, it was too late to double check, and even a few hours later, Find My iPhone stubbornly refused to … well, find my wife’s iPhone.
We also tried calling the City of New York, but without the number of the cab that had driven off with the iPhone, we didn’t have many clues to give them.
We also changed her Amazon password and her banking password, along with just about any other online passcode she may have used on her iPhone. The woman apologized profusely (no need to apologize, we gratefully told her) for waiting so long to return the iPhone (she’d been busy, she explained), and admitted that her friends had suggested she simply sell it on eBay for some easy cash.
Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone users should try Lookout, a third-party application that will also track down, lock, and wipe a lost smartphone.
And if you used your phone for email, shopping, or banking, change your passwords right away. Bekapcsolasa utan masik eszkozeinkrol vagy egy egyszeru szamitogep bongeszojevel megnezhetjuk, mi az utolso terkepen rogzitett helyzete az eszkoznek, hangjelzest adhatunk, kiirhatjuk elorhetosegeinket a telefon kijelzojere, vagy vegso esetben tavolrol le is torolhetjuk szemelyes adatainkat az eszkozrol. Mostantol lehetosegunk van, hogy az Apple szamara minden esetben elkuldjuk aktualis helyzetunket, ha a telefonunk akkumulatora eppen a teljes lemerules szelen all. Nincs mas dolgunk, mint ellatogatni a Beallitasok – iCloud – iPhone keresese menube, es bekapcsolni az Utolso helyzet kuldese opciot. Tartsuk szem elott, hogy ahhoz, hogy az Apple szervereivel kapcsolatba lephessen a keszulekunk es atadhassa az utolso poziciojat, internet eleresre van szukseg. Once the battery dies, you're unable to connect to the device through Apple's Find My iPhone app to track it down.

When viewing the Find My iPhone app in iOS, it displays my phone as "No location available". Notifications also work in general (I am able to get notifications from Calendar and Skype, etc.).
Igy tehat meg akkor is van eselyunk eszkozeink visszaszerzesere, ha elvesztesukrol csak az akkumulator lemerulese utan veszunk tudomast, hiszen az iCloud szolgaltatas segitsegevel meg tudjuk tekinteni a lemerules pillanata elotti utolso rogzitett poziciojat.
In iOS 8, however, a new feature will hopefully point you in the right direction when the battery on your device becomes "critically" low. No word on what Apple means by a battery being "critically" low.I can imagine for those of you who find your battery constantly running low, repeated alerts of your device's location can become pretty annoying. This can’t happen over Wi-Fi, as these files are not on the internet, but on the internal network of your carrier. Either Apple has configured Find My iPhone only to use GPS or some tweak or a bad jailbreak is not allowing the findmyiphoned (process responsible for responding to Find My iPhone requests) to work or launch properly. As I mentioned, location services works on my phone for all other applications that use it (e.g. My JB iPhone works fine without dataplan, my other iPhone isn't JB and half the time FIND MY IPHONE wont work. But our cabbie balked when we asked to go to Brooklyn (it happens), and soon we were back on the street, looking for another ride home. If not, swap the hardware - if so, it's likely the jailbreak causing the glitch directly or indirectly. As there can many things that can cause this problem, I would suggest first booting up in safe mode (SBSettings can do that) and seeing if the problem is resolved. You could also enable a data plan (borrow a friend's SIM or purchase one from a carrier) to see if this service only works over data.

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