While we’ve heard several instances of how services like Find My iPhone have helped in recovering the device, it could also result in violence.
In San Diego, a construction worker who said his iPhone had been stolen at a reggae concert chased the pilferer and wound up in a fistfight on the beach that a police officer had to break up. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
Losing your phone isn’t necessarily something you think much about until it happens to you. Carl Ippolito, 52, a youth baseball umpire, returned to his car after a game to find his iPhone was missing. Ippolito later learned that he had inadvertently left his cell phone in the snack shack at the baseball field, where he had been umpiring a youth baseball game, police said, and it was still there. I love that it did not occur to Ippolito or his son to simply call his iPhone when confronting Johnson to prove the phone was his. This gorilla deserves nothing less than to be sued straight into the poor-house for his actions. Obviously a felony was committed so he is probably looking to serve some prison time ay the very least. ADVERTISE ON MACENSTEINClick here to inquire about making a fortune by advertising your game, gadget, or site on Macenstein. By using a laptop or else desktop computer, simply sign into your iCloud account with the help of your Apple ID users name as well as a password. The Back of the screen, select “All Devices” now modified with the name of the device you are selling. Hence, this method helps you to turn off Find My iPhone by using iCloud applications on your device. Step 1: The initial step is you have to go to iCloud Website find and now log in to your iCloud user account by using your Apple ID as well as Password help. Step 2: Now, from your iPhone devices list, tap the device, which you need to remove and erase. Step 3: However, in portrait orientation, now tap the arrow button, and then tap the iPhone device that you need to eliminate and erase. Step 4: Now, Tap Actions is ready to perform tap Erase [mention your device name], as well as type your Apple ID Password. This is the third method permit you to turn off Find My iPhone device by using iCloud apps. Step 1: This is the initial process you have to do is sign in with your iCloud account at the official website.
Step 2:  Now, you have to click ‘All Devices” at the top in order to open the list of the devices, which you connect to your account.
Step 4:  Now, choose icon “Erase iPhone” to remove information as well as setting from your device.
If you previously reset your device as well as you suggested to enter in your iCloud user account password prior to execution the reset, then Find My iPhone is disabled.

These are the three easy approaches help you to Remotely Turn OFF Find My iPhone Using iCloud applications efficiently. Just the monetary value of these devices should be enough cause of concern if this were to happen to any of us, but if we also consider the sheer amount of personal, sensitive information that an iPhone or iPad (or any other smartphone or tablet for that matter) carries, then in most cases they will be considered priceless by their owners. Let’s take a look at how to use Find My iPhone both from your computer and your iOS device.
Step 3: Open Find My iPhone and after a few moments a list of your located devices will show up. Important Note: For any given device, you can choose to either lock it OR wipe it remotely.
Now you know how to keep track of your iOS devices and to act remotely to either lock it, erase it and more. A New Jersey man ended up in custody himself after he used GPS technology to track his lost iPhone and attacked the wrong man, mistaking him for the thief. Andrew Smith, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department is concerned about this trend. The best way to channel your anger would be to provide the information to law enforcement officials so they can catch the thief, and recover your device.
With a regular phone, the story would have ended there, but luckily (for we the media that is, not Ippolito) Ippolito had an iPhone, and so did his son. I also love that his phone was found in the snack shack, which further helps me imagine what Ippolito looks like.
Johnson had a gun or was a black-belt and he thought he was being robbed and he defended himself with all his might….causing major injury to Ippolito??? Hence, ensure you use the similar Apple ID as well as Password to connect to your phone mailed in Tech twice. Hence, now all your content, as well as information removed from the device and you, can get ready to sell to TechTwice easily.  This method allows you to disable Find My iPhone easily compare to other methods.
In case, the device reset, however, you may not reset it, you can restart the device as well as pick it from the Hello screen display to the Home screen. Find My iPhone allows you to track, lock, send a text message to your iPhone and even to wipe out all of its important data remotely. If you choose to play a sound, it will start playing right away, making it easy to locate your device. To be able to do that you should ensure Find my iPhone is enabled on your device (you can check this article to find out how to do it), which will also ensure that the person who has stolen it cannot use it, which could deter the person from committing the crime again. Fortunately for you, Apple provides a free suite of device-location tools called Find My iPhone that can help you figure out if you left your phone on the bus—or if it’s just in the couch cushions.
But I would certainly never attempt to kick anyone’s ass solely based on the blue dot on a map with a 200 ft accuracy radius. How far, I wonder, was that alley from the snack shack, and was Find My iPhone grossly inaccurate? However, it not only remove Find my iPhone but also ensure you don’t, unfortunately, a giveaway of your information along with your device.

Here are the steps, explain you easily how to perform the entire process in the simplest manner. If you suggest entering in an iCloud account secret key while activation, then the Find My iPhone turned on. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. There Ippolito came upon hapless Brent Johnson, 27, who just happened to be talking on an iPhone. Well you know what, I can get a good picture of what you look like from the story you wrote. It’s a good thing Umpire Ippolito did not bring a baseball bat with him on his search.
In addition, to Find My iPhone allow you to keep track of your entire Apple devices as well as even though remotely you can wipe them in case if they are stolen or lost. So kudos to Ippolito for being twice the man I am and being able to take down a 27 year old a€“ a man nearly half his age (and I like to imagine, WEIGHT). You can turn off directly on your device or else by using remotely with the aid of the web. Scroll down and tap Find My iPhone, and toggle the Find My iPhone switch to the On position (it’ll turn green) if it isn’t already. Here are some of the three different methods help you remotely turn off Find My iPhone using the iCloud.
Tap Allow when prompted, and you should be all set.The Find My iPhone toggle switch in the iOS Settings app.
With it turned on, you’ll have to enter your Apple ID password whenever you try to erase or activate your phone, or turn off Find My iPhone. If Find My iPhone indicates that your phone is at your current location, you can set your phone to play an alarm sound to help you locate it.To do so, click the Play Sound button.
The sound will play at full volume regardless of your phone’s volume and notification settings.
Apple recommends you provide your local law enforcement agency with your phone’s serial number.
Can you help me find my way home?”Click the Lost Mode button in Find My iPhone, then enter a passcode. Click the Erase iPhone button in Find My iPhone, then follow the onscreen instructions to wipe all data off your phone. To set up a passcode, go to Settings > Passcode, then tap Turn Passcode On and follow the onscreen instructions.

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