The best Free-Minutes-for-Tracfone deal at this time is to buy the phone deal that comes the LG 225 and One Year card.Go to the Tracfone Wireless website Click on "Buy Phones" put in your zip code then buy the $100 Lg 225 with one year card. Using the Tracfone Motorola-V170 Flip Phone Motorola-V170 The finest new Tracfone Flip Phone with Color Display and No Roaming. Tyler is out to dinner and accidently leaves his new Galaxy S III sitting on the table while he runs to the restroom.
Tyler had just signed a new two-year agreement to get the Galaxy S III at a reasonable price and AT&T is not going to hand over a replacement at that price. I am not saying banning phones is a bad thing but carriers need to educate their users on what this means and how it plays into them buying devices from third parties. While this post highlights the policy change of AT&T please keep in mind that T-Mobile will be instituting this later this year and all carriers will be sharing stolen device information.
Carries should also provide a quick and easy solution for potential buys to verify a clean device serial number.

When buying a device off of Craigslist, meet at a corporate owned store of the carrier and complete the transfer of the device to your account before paying for it.
Verizon and Sprint have always blacklisted devices reported as stolen which makes them unusable to the thief or finder.
He does the typical calling of his missing phone repeatedly hoping someone will answer and return his phone. If the seller is not willing to do this, you will know you just stopped yourself from being ripped off. This ability to render a device useless comes with potential of innocent people being defrauded in the end. By disabling the SIM Tyler now has no way to track or communicate with the device and it is a lost cause.
He meets up with the seller, turns the phone on and tests it out, hands over $175 cash and heads to AT&T to get a new SIM card and get his Atrix setup.

Tyler’s phone was stolen, Tyler was then sold a blacklisted phone and lets not forget the source of the Atrix Tyler purchased. If purchasing from eBay make sure to only pay by PayPal or credit card so you have some recourse if the transaction is fraudulent. Tyler must now purchase another phone, which will probably be at full retail price from AT&T as he is scared to venture back out and buy a phone from a third party. The thief in both cases will still make their profit by selling the device to unsuspecting buyers. Track Phone Tricks Free-Minutes-for-Tracfone Cell Phone tricks from a Tracphone Master.

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