A falha de seguranca Servico “Find My Phone” da Samsung por nos noticiada no passado dia 29 de outubro ja se encontra resolvida segundo a informacao apresentada pela Samsung. A resolucao destes problemas de seguranca por parte dos fabricantes so pode ser encarada com normal dado que as marcas tem todo o interesse em que os servicos que “vendem” aos utilizadores sejam funcionais, seguros e uteis, a Samsung como marca lider nao pode deixar de estar atenta e ter uma rapida acao na resolucao das suas proprias falhas. Programador Informatico que gosta de informacao util sobre tecnologia, procuro sempre estar atualizado neste mundo em constante mudanca, onde as inovacoes surgem e as tendencias das pessoas mudam de forma muito rapida.
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Samsung has signed a deal with Norton to provide Samsung Galaxy phones with 90 days of free Android security, replete with several features designed to allow users to remotely track down missing or stolen phones, a la Apple’s Find My iPhone feature, as well as malware protection. Norton goes one further than that, though, providing a proper anti-malware suite that keeps out harmful software automatically. Call us cynical, but Android is far more at risk from viruses than any other mobile operating system, which is why such solutions exist. The Find My Mobile feature implemented by Samsung in their devices is a mobile web-service that provides samsung users a bunch of features to locate their lost device, to play an alert on a remote device and to lock remotely the mobile phone so that no one else can get the access to the lost device.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF or XSRF) is an attack that tricks the victim into loading a page that contains a specially crafted HTML exploit page. The malicious link have the same privileges as the authorized user to perform an undesired task on the behalf of the victim, like change the victim's e-mail address, home address, or password, or purchase something. The researcher has also provided a proof-of-concept (POC) video that will give you a detail explanation on How the researcher made the attack work on Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature. Want the most interesting Technology and Hacking News delivered automatically to your inbox? Relembramos que esta falha permitia bloquear remotamente o dispositivo e alterar o seu codigo de desbloqueio, tornando o dispositivo inutil. Podera remover a sua subscricao em qualquer momento.Coloque o seu email no formulario em baixo e clique "Ok" para subscrever. The deal sees you get three months of free coverage, before the price shoots up to A?19 per year.
Norton gives Android users the ability to find their missing or stolen handset, lock it and delete all the data remotely, just as you can with an iCloud-enabled iPhone.

Thata€™s great and all, but it is also a sign that Samsunga€™s acutely aware of the dangers facing Android? Samsung must be concerned about its users’ safety if it feels the need to go to these lengths.
The flaw is a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) that could allow an attacker to remotely lock or unlock the device and even make the device rings too.
Basically, an attacker will use CSRF attack to trick a victim into clicking a URL link that contains malicious or unauthorized requests. CSRF attack generally targets functions that cause a state change on the server but it can also be used to access victim’s sensitive data.

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