Click here to play free online cricket games.the best cricket games to play online, Free cricket game online play, Play online Cricket games. Paistan PTCL director here you can find the desire address or name of any PTCL number in Pakistan. Join And Get new Frnd on Funnypaki web chat and also make mobile friend and mobile dosti, Here enjoy And share Your Mobile number. Learn english Language course in 100 Days, Download E-books, Tutorial And All Note And guide About Education. Although PTCL from time to time announce vfone closure but the thing is that they are not giving new connections.

In order to proceed you need to have the Photocopy of the previous owner and your original Nadra ID card otherwise you need to face the long and complicated process of PTCL. First of all make sure that Vfone set is on your name and if not than you need to first change it’s ownership by simply doing the steps mention above. Old connection will still remain active unless they provide physical lines to each and every customer.
You will also need MDN which is your phone number with area code and any mobile number(for receiving verification sms). Now the phone set is on your name simple visit the PTCL OSS and provide them your ID card number, mobile number and MDN which is(area code + phone number).

Until then you have to participate in PTCL Vfone biometric verification process which is very simple and mention below. Simply visit any PTCL franchise and told them that you want to change the ownership of Vfone. Before visiting PTCL One Stop Shop you need few things like Nadra ID card number, Mobile number and MDN number of your Vfone set.

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