IEyeNewsFor all the latest Cayman, Caribbean and International Stories plus cartoons and puzzles. Some helpful hints: If the size of the picture is not the size that you want to print, you can resize the image. Halloween Cupcake Wrappers: (one and two): print on paper (orange, black, or yellow, for example), and cut them out, and wrap them around cupcakes for a party or a friend! Santa movable toy - print out these two pages (one and two), cut out the parts, and put them together for a Monster Santa toy! Cookie House - Print on card stock, fold and tape together and you have a house for your holiday cookies!!

The Cake Thief - Coloring Cards (print these, color them in and send them to someone you love). Hang it one your tree or fill it with goodies to give to a friend or someone on your family. Download the puzzle, print it, find the letters of the alphabet (they are all there!) and then color in the puzzle. Download the puzzle, print it, find the numbers from 1 - 10 (they are all there!) and then color in the puzzle. Print the page on card stock and cut out the bookmarks and put them in your favorite books.

Make it for a friend, or make them for everyone at your Thanksgiving table for name cards!
Just download the image, print, and cut out the parts and attached them with paper fasteners. Attach a strip of paper accross the back of the pumpkin, staple at both ends so you can slide the cat up and down.

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