It appears that the one or two prefix letters at the front of vin # that indicate a 6 cylinder or V8 or not included on the frame rail. I still have my very first car a (57 Chevy Bel Air 2 door sedan) and several 5 6 and 7's now. I used my wife's magnified make up mirror and a led work light, it does take a minute to figure out when it's upside down AND backward. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Thank you for using JustAnswer's for your appliance questions, Myself and all the other experts are anxious to help you with your problem today. No problem there, the fingers on the icemaker, the part that removes the ice cubes from the ice maker, how far above the ice mold are they positioned? Sorry my computer went down for a little bit, you icemaker is a sideways model, yes you will need to remove the ice maker to find these terminals jump test points. Since your hazards still work but no turn signals it could be either the mulit function switch or the flasher relay. The switch can go bad in the column but If I were a betting man I would say your turn signal flasher died. Turn signals now work by the way, but dont know if it was the new switch or the loose harness, i suspect loose harness, but wasnt going to put everything back and if didnt work didnt want to do it all over again.

Upon reinstalling my ignition switch, now i get a chime noise even when the key is removed, as if the key is still in the switch. The whole vacuum system in this car is a mess and some things have been plugged yada yada, im trying to get it back to normal and ive so far updated all of the connection that were in the car.. B) Because of "A", it's important to list your location (Canada, Europe, USA, etc.) and the engine code of your car's engine. D) You might also post clear and detailed photos of your engine bay (and relay panel) so we can better help you sort things out. Turn the key to run, Open the hood and jumper the Solenoid on the Starter to +12V, if the engine turns over and starts, then it is the ignition switch that is bad. If your battery is more than about 4-5 yrs old( or looks old) I would ask Santa for a new one. The vin plate is missing on door jamb so we peeled back the floor to expose the number on the frame rail. If you open the 2nd question they would bill you again, that is why I wanted you to come back to this post so you don't get charged again. If so, what are the odds the shop pulled the steering wheel for some reason (I know on a 4x4, there's no need to, just thinking out loud).
After playing with it i realize that the ignition is now loose and jiggling it makes the chime away.

At this point frustration is at a high level, call it quits and go inside to make me a plate for supper and drop it on the kitchen floor. Mine is on a little flat spot behind the upper radiator hose like where your switches are in the picture.
Good enough for me, probably would have been more cuz there was tread still left, but my front end got outta whack and they were cupping on the inside causing a bad shimmy. Upon removing the turn signal switch i see where one of the harnesses was loose and just fell off. Had to have been previous owner broke it off for some reason, i have had truck since dec 05 and 200k ago and this was first time i ever got into it that deep. Went back in the store, looked up another realy, it had some sort of bracket molded to the side of it but it was smaller, didnt fit.

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