Note - 10th Letter of Chassis Number Denotes Year of Manufacturing for below car manufacturers.
Here's Picture for Finding Chassis Number for Maruti Suzuki Cars so as to Decode Manufacturing Year. Also, my dealer says, that they only have 17 digits of the chassis number as of now, so is he lying or he is being true?. As per your suggestion 9th letter is month so if see ' D ' which means April is make month. I am looking to purchase Maruti Celerio of 2015 make car, I'm not able to figure out the manufacturing month & year of a Car. Thanks for this useful, information in the thread, I have purchased Maruti Ertiga on 31st March 2014, After going tru post last two digit in my chassi is MD means Dec 2014 so i was given old car but dealer told its Jan 2014 Car first he lied and i doubt car like Ertiga which was in so much demand how come its 4 month old also i suspect if i received the Fesh CAR, Tody i have launch the complaint with MAruti head office any other option to raise complaint and what process hold i follow now. Hi everyone i need some help see if i can use this tranny on my 360 C5AP-7006 A-18 my father in law wanted an automatic and the guy said that it should work but i don't know please help me here please.. Down by the shift on the left side should be an aluminum tab with some letters and numbers on it. The trans ID tag would have been bolted to the servo, on the left (drivers) side of the case.
I could not cross the C5AP-7005-A ID number over to a Ford part number, but it's moot, since I listed the trans pan bolt holes.
It was then put in the RED BOOK, sold in book stores for fellow Ford nuts to ID part numbers, decode VIN's. Besides, as I've said a gazillion times, you cannot go by Ford part number prefixes to ID what the parts fit, or what they are from, because..
Yep, I was trying to pull way too much out of the numbers he gave and try to hook up years with transmissions, etc. The following pages were created by Brian Crawford with the intent of sharing information with all bicycle enthusiasts! I figured I would post this here since this question comes up so often when doing timing chains. If you're planning on doing timing chains and need to find your AAA VR6 engine number to determine if there is a single-row or double-row upper timing chain, look for a sticker on the passenger's side of the intake manifold (behind the fuel lines), as shown below.
As far as the upper timing chain is concerned, if your engine number is AAA 0217 000 or lower, then you have a double-row upper chain.
EDIT: It also appears that the engine number is stamped on the block just to the side of the serpentine belt tensioner pulley. The "22-08-94" that you can see on the sticker in the second picture above - is that the date of manufacture for the motor? I'm almost certain it is because I have a VR6 from a '97 model year Passat and on its sticker it has 18-06-96 which would be consistent for a '97 model.
I would get copies of the pages of the Bentley for the MKIII or B4 Passat cars that show the location of the engine production number and date. Yeah, I learned a lot in the last few months about how to tell an OBDI motor from an OBDII.
This transaction involves the sale of the complete and assembled engine and transmission from a 1999 Volkswagen Golf VR6 (VIN # 3VW**************).

Everytime I try to post it clears my text and brings me back to the login page after I just get done logging in. Completed MBA from one among Top 10 Management Institute, he has worked for 8 yrs in Corporate Sector - Maruti Suzuki, ICICI Bank. But since the vehicle is in transit, hence not able to see the last 2 digit after the special character. If your engine number is AAA 0217 001 or higher (including all AFP and BDF VR6s), then you have a single-row upper chain. I can't confirm this, but this is what I can deduce based on this image (shown below) from the Bentley manual that I found in another thread . I also have an OBDI motor that I was told is from a '99 GTI but on the inside of its computer there's the date Nov. Before I found this sticker information (the engine number on the block is not visible), my plan for stating my case in small claims court was to show the judge the Bentley information stating that OBDI cars were from ?93-?95 and OBDII cars are from ?96 and later and then show him printouts from ETKA that a ?95 GTI VR6 has an idle stabilizer valve and EGR but a ?99 GTI VR6 does not. I figured it was enough to have the seller put his signature to a bill of sale specifying that the motor came from a '99 GTI with a specific VIN number.
The sale includes all of the engine fuel injection components (including ECU), engine wiring harnesses, starter motor and alternator. Plus the fact that the computer the seller gave me with the motor has a cover for a ?99 ECU but the internals have the date Nov. If the engine had actually been swapped into a '99 GTI at some point, then there's a chance that the judge may say the seller didn't do anything wrong. Good thing is when it's parked for 6 months outta the year if $'s good have to time to do lots of work. Good thing is when it's parked for 6 months outta the year if $'s good have to time to do lots of work.I enjoy my junk year round, i just throw the truck away every few years. Actually have some of that paint and thinking that I might do a color change when everything else is done. At MyCarHelpline - you can get in thousands of reviews, latest information updates on Automobiles with Personalised assistance through Forum. I need to know the details and also if there any way to reset the same in RC book if its original Month and year is Jan 2014?!! Note that the necked portion of the upper sleeve (part of the upper absorber) is designed to lock onto the lower sleeve (flared assembly nut) to hold the rubber in place on the frame on the assembly line. I hate red , but that truck is cleean !Sorry man, I just had to do that, , what are the rearsprings? With the sticker information showing the date of manufacture of the motor as 5-12-94 I will have to do less talking.
So the longer they're soaked with penetrating oil before disassembly, the more likely they are to come apart.
Once the bolt is backed out a few turns, spray more penetrant down into the upper sleeve to rinse the rust off the threads, and use a hammer & drift on the bolt head to separate the sleeves.
The core support mount (views U & Z) is different, and the bolt threads into it from below.
Probly just enjoy it for the few nice months we get in the summer and tear it back apart this winter.

If a hole must be drilled in the frame, make sure that it meets all of the following requirements: 1.
The edge of the drilled hole and the edge of the nearest hole are at least 25mm (1 inch) apart. Welding Precautions CAUTION: Disconnect the battery ground cable (14301) before using any electric welding equipment. All welding on frame must be done with electric welding equipment, and the heat should be kept in a small area to prevent change in hardness of the metal.
A double reinforcement must be added to frames where heat or weld is applied to the area to be repaired. The welds are to run lengthwise along the reinforcement when a reinforcement is to be welded to the frame side rail. Weld Attachment To ensure a quality repair, adhere to the following procedure if it is necessary to weld reinforcements to the frame. Wire brush the area around the crack to remove the paint, grease, mud, etc., and to expose the crack completely and ensure good weld adhesion.
Grind out the full length of the crack to the hole to form a V-shaped slot with the base of the V-slot contacting the reinforcement. Drill clearance holes in the reinforcements to clear rivet heads and bolt heads or nuts where necessary.
The flange edge weld should be ground smooth after all pit holes have been filled by the weld. If a damaged bolted-on frame bracket is to be replaced, the new bolts, washers, and nuts should be of the same specifications and bolt torques as the original parts. Frame Straightening Misalignment of frame can be corrected by straightening the out-of-line parts or by replacing the crossmembers, braces, or brackets if they are badly damaged. Straightening should be attempted on frames that fail to meet specifications of the diagonal checking method or where damage is visually apparent. However, to prevent internal stresses in the metal, frame straightening should be limited to parts that are not severely bent. If heat is needed to straighten a frame member, keep the temperature below 649?C (1200?F) (a dull red glow).
Frame Reinforcing After a bent frame member has been straightened, inspect the member closely for cracks. Reinforcements should be made from angle or flat stock of the same material and thickness as the frame member being reinforced, and should extend a minimum of 152.40mm (6 inches) to either side of the crack. Frame Member Replacement If a damaged frame member is to be replaced, new bolts, Property Class 9.8 metric (Grade 8 ) fasteners and rivets required for replacement of parts should be of the same specifications as the original bolts or rivets. In cases where it is necessary to substitute a bolt for a rivet, use the next larger size bolt.

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