Some land-based telephones lack convenient features offered by cell phones such as call logs, which display the last number dialed. Pick up your telephone receiver and hit the star (or "*") button, followed by the numbers "6" and then "9." A recorded voice will tell you what number just dialed yours.
If your phone is equipped with caller ID, locate the "CID" button on your phone and scroll through the list of received calls to identify whose call you missed.
Modern cell phones and digital home phones make it easy to redial the last number that called you. To determine the telephone number of a particular phone, check caller id, call the operator or check the phone bill. Register an account (for free) or login to have your say and post in the discussion topics on the forum. Big Brother 16 [Summer 2015] Channel 5's BB16 aka Big Brother: Timebomb started 12th May 2015, and was won by Chloe Wilburn. Praying he goes, but literally every big get *** out campaign this year on here has flopped.
I wasn't going to vote because I assumed it'd be a landslide for Harry but I may as well throw in one for you. After having a mobile phone in hand you must have started ignoring the poor landline telephone set that might be now lying somewhere in a corner of your house.

Back in 1876, there were a few words spoken by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant, which were later known as “electrical speech machine.” Although his assistant was sitting in the other room but the words travelled to him through resonance. If you are not using your landline telephone from the last few days then better make some calls today as a part of National Telephone Day celebrations. Although most of us use mobile phones now days, but even then the importance of regular telephones cannot be disregarded. If you receive a call on a landline phone, but do not have an answering machine and would like to find out who called you so that you can return the call, there is an easy way to dial the last number that dialed you. Let the person know that you believe you just received a call from this number and ask the person if he or she tried calling you.
Tell a customer service representative the date and time that you received the call in question. You may have to hit "menu" on your phone and then select "received calls" in order to scroll through this list. If you are concerned about fees, call your phone company to verify whether or not they charge for this service before you use it. If this is the case, then perhaps you are being unfair to the great Alexander Graham Bell who invented this incredible device. Working on the same principal of electrical speech machine, Graham Bell invented unique equipment known as a telephone.

Instead of calling your loved ones on the mobile phones, try calling them on the landline number.
Hence, the purpose of observing National Telephone Day is just to appreciate the remarkable device that has been serving us for more than 100 years and its inventor, the great Alexander Graham Bell.
If the caller has a blocked number, it will display as "blocked" or "private" on your phone's caller ID menu. Nowadays, when the communication system is being upgraded almost every instant, the use of telephones have decreased to great extend. If someone disagrees with the importance of this magical device, he or she can just spend a few days without a telephone or mobile phone. Ask the phone company to tell you what the number was that dialed yours at the time and date in question. Another big reason for this is the use of latest mobile technology, which is equipped with almost all latest applications. It is all because of this device that you are able to keep in touch with your loved ones living far apart.

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