First of all, congratulate him and say that you are from Airtel Customer Care.( Remember, first Congratulate than say customer Care, else he may disconnect the call hearing Airtel customer care  ). These site will provide you the region and the operator.( Many other sites are there that provide the same thing.
The sim is registered in Delhi Region, so most probably the person knows Hindi and English.
Practice the conversation many times till you feel confident before you actually call the Target. HOWEVER IF YOU MISUSE IT FOR ANY OTHER MALICIOUS PURPOSE THE LAW WILL SURELY CATCH YOU CAUSE ITS NOT FOOL-PROOF.

Similarly if you are from any South Indian state and the target is also from south India, you can strike off Hindi.
To claim that he need to “Register his name” ( and not ” Verify his name”, he maybe using somebody else’s sim). The basic idea is to zero in the language the Target is comfortable in.( Usually his sms and calls gives the clues). We will also call him at the same period of the day because it would be foolish to call him at day hours when he always gives missed calls and sms to your girl in evening.
If you reveal yourself during the conversation you won’t be able the play the same trick again for other purpose!

It serves two things, first, we got the element of surprise to our advantage ( after all  who gets a call from his own no.

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