Know your Jurisdiction Assessing Officer form available in the Income Tax Department e-Filing website provides the searching facility to look out the complete name of an Assessee along with his Jurisdiction and other details.
It is a useful took for Auditors and Chartered Accountants to know the Surname, Full Name, and Jurisdiction of an Assessee by providing only the PAN Number of the Assessee, if there is no information available about the Assessee at the time of Filing his Returns.
Let us search an Assessee Name and his Jurisdiction with the help of his PAN Number at Directorate of Income Tax e-Filing website without any restrictions. Enter the Captcha Code as it is shown in the Image in the Enter the number as in the image * field and click on Submit button.
If we have provided the accurate PAN Number we will see the following details of the Assessee. His local Income Tax Office details like Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, AO Number, Jurisdiction, and Building Name.
Earlier we searched the PAN Card Number with the help of Surname and Date of Birth of the Assessee, but now even we do not know the name of the assessee only with the help of PAN Number we came to know the Full Name of the Assessee. Sometimes for Income Tax related work we need to meet the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer or simply Assessing Officer. An Assessing Officer going by name is a person who has assesses and technically he has jurisdiction(means: official power to make tax decisions and judgements for that assessee) to make assessment of an assessee, who is liable to tax under the Act.
Why do we need Assessing Officer : The income-tax laws are complicated and taxpayers are flooded with instructions, guidance notes, and Circulars from the CBDT to enlighten them about the way laws are to be interpreted. When one gets the notice from Income Tax Department ex for outstanding demand , for scrutiny or to follow up refund and enquire on the reasons for it not being processed. . Jurisdiction of the Assessing Officer is the geographical area for which Assessing Officer can assess requests.
Yes I have gone to meet Jurisdictional Assessing Officer regarding the outstanding tax demand in Feb 2014.
I k srinivasrao worked in LSK projects Pvt ltd of 9 years in this view I am asked management for my form 16 for last 3 years. Actually, I have got a demand request by ITO Ward 1(1) AO in November 2011 via CPS intimation letter. However, yesterday I got an another CPC intimation letter for adjusting my refund for AY 2015-2016 against outstanding demand of Rs. Meanwhile, I checked the current Jurisdiction office and found that it is changed from the previous one who has raised the outstanding demand.
Thereafter you apply to the assessing officer for transfer of your assessment records to the new A.O. Logically when everything is centralised and digitalized u can expect that when u change address in income tax profile it should be automatically result into ur pan data base. So; digitalization is on the way and you will be asked to produced documents online and same will result into change in pan database and will result into change in ward details automatically. As I mentioned in my last post dated 4 February 2016, next week (March end) I am going to visit TIN-FC to change address in PAN card.
How fast the ITR will be processed depends on many factors source of income,tax which ITR one filed etc. My tax refund status for assessment year 2010-11 is showing like “Conduct to jurisdictional assessing officer”. Assessing Officer and their assistants have power to request for any assessee data for processing purpose for those assessee who come under their jurisdiction.
Sir i am a salaried employee i have filed mi ITR for AY 12-13 in aug 2014 due to late receipt of my form 16.
It will be surprising for you to know that your name printed on PAN card will be stored differently in Income – Tax department database sometimes.
If you have misplaced your PAN card which includes your PAN number, then here is an easy way to find it online.
Permanent Account Number (PAN) refers to a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated card, by the Income Tax Department in India.

DEAR SIR MY PAN CARD IS LOST. My father Mr Bipin Harilal Jivarajani has lost his pan card & he dosnt remeber his pan card number so please help us for finding pan card number.
Income tax department made your life easy in finding the tax ward or circle of your PAN Card.
Designation of such officers may vary based on volume of income, nature of trade assigned by board.
By going by above information, you noticed that how much important for you to know about your AO or tax ward and circle. 2) Next you will view the below image which mentions PAN holder name, Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, AO Number, Jurisdiction and building. You do not need any other details of the Assessee only with the help of the PAN Number you can search out the Full Name and Assessing Area of the person. And this is how to search the Full Name and Jurisdiction of an Assessee with the help of PAN Number. I write articles on Accounts, Blogging, Computer Operating, and technical issues and some of my experiences on them for students, beginners.
The designation may vary according to the volume of income or nature of trade as assigned by the Central Board of Direct Taxes(CBDT Board), the department which deals with income tax.
Howev­er, the reality is that tax assessments involve both subjective and objective considerations, and that the Assessing Officer is a quasi-judicial statutory authority who has to safeguard the income department’s interests, and at the same time, display objectivity in assessments. While e-filing of ITR , electronic verification of ITR is on the rise, there are cases where one needs the manual intervention. It is typically associated with the PAN or Permanent Account Number. Permanent Account Number (PAN), as the name suggests, is a permanent number and does not change during lifetime of PAN holder.
Acknowledgement is just a stamp on the letter that you have submitted which shows the date. But for this AY, my return keep showing transferred to AO and when I write mail to AO, there is no response to mails. Kindly confirm that this should change my AO from Delhi to Bangalore (my PAN was made in Delhi & now I live in Bangalore). The return is transferred to Jurisdictional Assessing Officer (in AST) processing of which is to be done by the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer who may be contacted for further clarifications if any. Do I need to meet the local Jurisdictional Assessing Officer or will the contact me, in case of clarifications? And after that i send signed copy of ITR V to cpc Bangalore they send my ITR TO AO in ward 13 pune jul 15.
While trying to find out actual PAN card details, using the link Know your PAN card Number you will be asked to give your surname and date of birth with optional first name and middle name. Also, this would be helpful if you forget what name you have given while filling up PAN card application form. It is a must to have a PAN number for all those who file their income tax returns, as well as on all correspondence with any income tax authority in the country. If you need any other in other info please email me on my hotmail, and I shall be happy to furnish you with the information you need. So could you please let me know about my pan number about how much time will it take to reach my home address though ? But sometime there may be situations where you need to interact with income tax department to clarify their doubts or to raise the issues related to your tax filing. But before proceeding further let us understand what do you mean by tax ward and circle and who is assessing officer. It may be like Income Tax Officer, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner or Additional Commissioner. Follow our Networks or sing-up for the email newsletter below for your daily dose of Tips and Tricks.

He may be an Income-tax Officer, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner or an Additional Commissioner.
The reason,which was put out in many places in the office , for allocated time is to allow him and other officers to do their work during the day Assessing Officer I met was a educated young man, he was courteous and listened to me. Accordingly, I sent a letter enclosing all relevant documents (form 16, ITRV etc.) to claim that the demand is not correct. I have got the current AO officer email id and send an email too claiming my previous request and providing all necessary documents. Will this automatically change AO code in PAN data applicable to my residence in Bangalore? Now, I have moved to Bangalore but I still file ITR with the help of my CA at Delhi with whom I am associated for over 20 years.
I have already sent an email with all the details but didn’t receive any reply from them. I actually become MAD when i try to find this information and this is really a horrible task.
At that time you must first know about your tax ward and circle or about your assessing officer. These officers sit in these designated offices and will verify depending on the location they allotted and category of tax payers.
They have the powers to scrutinize your returns and if possible request for additional information. These Income Tax Officers sit in different offices across Indian and each Officer is designated a specified area and a specified category of taxpayers only.
I was quite sure about this as I found out that I have wrongly filed two ITRs for AY 2007-2008 and AY 2008-2009 for the Form 16 of 2007-2008 financial year.
As usual, I am not getting any response and I am least hopeful that there will be any response. Otherwise If there are no issues, you don’t have to worry about its processing return will be processed in due course.
How he files his return of income – whether he has to file ITR seperately in two countries. He sent a letter to my AO at Delhi in November 2014 to send Intimation under 143(1) for the return but received no reply so far. After meeting the income tax officer when I went to meet him again, asking how much time would it. Kindly suggest, is it advisable that I send reminder to AO (IT Department now makes E-mail of AO available under Jurisdiction details)? No one is able to give precise information like this.More than that can you please provide information about how to navigate to the above link from IT web site home page?
Right now they are working on papers submitted in Jul-Aug 2013 and they are going in chronological order.
Whereas, for AY 2007-2008, I have filed against form 16 of financial year 2006-2007 using CA service.
I don't know why fuc*** the IT dept is not providing thse basic stuff in thier front page and faqs. I beg them to make the site user friendly by conducting surveys with the users and provide enough FAQs soon. An early action in the matter will be greatly appreciated as I have been filing my returns regularly and it would be proper if my past records were available with the current Assessing Officer.

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