Lord, I surrender my heart to you, I give you all my disappointments pain and suffering, which You alone can understand. To be more tolerant, To be more joyous, To be more friendly, To be more sensitive, To be more aware, To be more forgiving, To be more humble, To be more patient, To be more helpful.
Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Soon after Gate C opened at 4:40pm, I got Darnell McDonald to throw me a ball near the center field cameras. Hill, a left-handed pitcher, had undergone Tommy John Surgery 12 days earlier, so he tossed me the ball with his right hand. When the Padres took the field, I changed into my Padres gear and got my 5th ball of the day from Clayton Richard.
When the rest of the seating areas opened at 5:40pm, I hurried to the corner spot along the left field foul line. Before Bell and his teammates had walked off the field, I got my 9th ball of the day (suck it, Greg) from home plate umpire Brian O’Nora. I had no idea who he was (can someone identify him?), but still managed to get him to toss it to me. The security guy on top of the dugout recognized me from this YouTube video and asked if he could take my picture. Back to your entry… it seems like Heath Bell is the player that is nicest to you in MLB. The kid in the Padres jacket who tossed you the baseball is Jeff Moorad’s(Padres majority owner) son. The ball is in the upper left quadrant just above the head of the man wearing a red hat and black shirt, do i get the virtual fist bump? From my personal ankle-wrecking experience, I’d say be prepared for months, not years, to be 100% again. Hey Zack, great entry… i’m curious, did you figure out who tossed up the glove and can we see a picture?

I’m going to Fenway for part of the Blue Jays and Orioles series, so I have some questions for you.
Sorry about the homer, and yeah, Heath is the absolute friendliest player as far as I’m concerned.
Well, you’re not the first person to find the ball in that photo, so Mateo (who WAS first) gets a double fist-bump and everyone else gets a single. I twisted my ankle playing tennis and it wasn’t nearly as bad as your sprianed ankle and it took about 9 months to fell 100% again. Glad you got a good seat–see what I meant about just going wherever and hoping for the best? The following are trademarks or service marks of Major League Baseball entities and may be used only with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc. I stayed in one spot, but the players kept rotating, so I kept getting baseballs from them. The attendance of 38,422 was the largest at Fenway since World War II (seriously), but we still managed to find a few empty seats behind the Padres’ dugout. The ball was kinda grass-stained, so I’m thinking he pulled a little switcheroo and tossed me the infield warm-up ball. Shortly after the 8th inning ended, he reluctantly rolled a ball to me across the dugout roof — and I promptly handed it to a little kid on my right. After allowing a leadoff single to Kevin Youkilis, he induced Ortiz to ground weakly into a double play and then struck out J.D.
Then, as the cluster of Padres entered the dugout, a batting glove came flying up at me out of nowhere. Have you ever picked up an object that you thought was light, but it turned out to be heavy? My rule is that I count balls that are given to me by stadium (or team) employees, but not by fans.
I immediately handed the ball to a kid on my left and turned my attention back toward the field.

I think Heath Bell is the coolest, not just for his wind up, but he is consistently nice to fans of all ages.
The section didn’t get too crowded during the first hour of BP, so everyone (and I mean everyone) who was there with a glove got at least one ball.
Obviously, with five easy snags during the first hour of yesterday’s BP, I was hoping to break my own record and possibly even make a run at double digits. If I were leading the Major Leagues in runs batted in, extra-base hits, total bases, hits, and batting average, I would be too. When I made it to the concourse, there was a crowd of Padres fan waiting for…something. So I guess I’ll continue to save my pennies before I make an East coast tour of stadiums nxt year!
Each time, I had his team’s gear on and he ignored every request and never had any interaction with fans. About 10 years ago, this probably would have bugged me for the weekend and I’d be fine. I’ve sat in front row Monster Seats for entire games while only having paid for a SRO ($35 vs $165). The kid staring at me (just to the right of my crutches) is one of his four kids, and his wife was there as well. While Heath talked to some other other people, I introduced myself to his family and told them how I’d first met him. Well, when the batting glove first made contact with my right hand, it was a lot heavier and bulkier and harder than I expected. I was totally confused and thought the whole thing was a waste of time and wanted to leave, but Brandon (a diehard Padres fan) convinced me to wait there with him for five minutes.

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