Searching Internet high and low to relocate old friends from high school or any other person from your past? Search Sites, Resources, Services, and Tools that allow you to search for people and personal information.
123people is a real time people search service that looks into nearly every corner of the Web. People Search is great way to find and reconnect with family, old friends, relatives — just about anyone! All supports counted, Infobel manages and develops a constantly-updated database of some 130 million European telephone subscribers, which it makes available to all.
WhitePages is your go-to source for the most reliable contact information online for the U.S. AnyWho provides a free White Pages People Search so you can quickly lookup phone numbers listed in the White Pages phone book.
Here’s 20+ search engines that index people and allow you to do a background check easily.

It pulls together all the publicly available information and search results, including images, videos, social networking Exposés and posts. You can find comprehensive and centralised name related information consisting of images, videos, phone numbers, email addresses, social networking and Wikipedia profiles plus much more.
Find people by name and get their phone number, address, Websites, photos, work, school, more. People Search reports include phone numbers, address history, ages, birthdates, household members, home value, income and more. People Search helps you look up email addresses, find phone numbers, and view other contact information for the people you need.
With one-click access to over 200 million adults and more than 15 million businesses, we make finding and connecting with others incredibly simple—and incredibly free. Their phone directory is updated weekly with the most current White Pages listings to help in your people search. Databases searched include real property records, voters’ registration, current and historical phone records, magazine subscriptions, change of address, national drivers and other proprietary databases.

Use the checkboxes to discover people you know from your hometown, school, employer and more. Their free people search tool will help you find people like long lost friends and relatives fast. This search site will give you access to thousands of state, national and worldwide public records websites that provide information to you at absolutely no cost.
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