If you want to build a thriving lifestyle business, you have to take into account what people are willing to pay for. But even if you get that right, you aren’t guaranteed success, because it’s all too easy to blend into the noise. Also, you have to be willing to face your fears and keep going when the world around you seems to be falling into chaos. The how is what we’ll cover in today’s article, and we’ll do that through the story of how one of my coaching clients did it. He was scared to go after what he truly loved, because there was “too much” competition, and he wasn’t sure if he would have anything to say. But when he decided to take action, he bought one of my courses, and everything was flipped on its head.
When Dejan looked at what he was interested in, he discovered that he’d always loved fitness, and especially building muscle. Dejan had brainstormed before, but he had excuses and fears stand in the way, so he automatically dismissed his passion for fitness.
This doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, because there has to be a demand for what you want to do.
At this point, Dejan began to freak out a bit, which is very common, because he realized he could go after what he REALLY wanted.
When you reach the point of going after what you truly want, it’s almost as if all your fears and worries make an appearance.

He created disaster scenarios in his head, which paralyzed and scared the living daylights out of him. As I helped him through them, Dejan again realized that the fears were not the problem, and he proceeded to take action. While writing this post, I talked to Dejan, and he said one of the most important things for him has been to take small steps every single day. Instead, he focuses on taking at least one small step every day, even if only means working on writing an article for 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter what your excuses are, because if you let them control you, you’ll never get anywhere.
You’ve probably noticed that a large part of this article is about what comes after you find your niche. That’s because finding a niche is often not the problem, it’s the excuses and fears that come up after. It may seem like I’m contradicting the title of this post, but to me the perfect niche is completely imperfect. You will face fears, run into obstacles, and freak out, but what it comes down to is taking one step at a time, just like Dejan is doing. To find your niche, you have to find the intersection between what you want to do, and what others are willing to pay for.
But that’s not enough, you have to stand out and focus on exactly who you help and what you help them with, otherwise you’ll blend into the noise.

You don’t need an original idea, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do need to start. And if you want me to help you on this journey, check out the Lifestyle Liberation Academy. Another excellent article Henri – full of good, practical advice which can be used to create a whole new reality. The advice in this post is worth many times more than some of the stuff I have accumulated over the years and it is just taking up space on my hard drive. This post made me have a good look at myself and think about the changes I want to make in my life and how much I want to learn how to find my passion and my niche. It simply meant that people were spending money in his market, and that there were ample opportunities for guest posts and networking. He is a hardgainer; a term used in fitness circles to describe someone who has a hard time putting on muscle. Plenty of people start businesses in markets that are filled with potential, but they don’t stand out.

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