I am a Tweet loving, technology integrating, mom of two with a passion for classroom design! September 17, 2012 By Jaden Easton-Ellett 2 Comments With Apple selling over 2 million iPhone 5s during the first 24 hours I have no doubt that a lot of you reading iJailbreak probably are expecting one to show up on your doorstep September 21st. Step 1) – Make sure you are logged into your Apple account that you used to purchase your iPhone 5. Step 2) – Look for the Orders section and then click the Track a shipment link as shown in the image below. Step 3) – From this page you should see information about your iPhone 5 that will tell you whether it has shipped or not.

Step 1) – For those of you who were not given proper shipping information you may want to try either the UPS or Fedex website (the two companies Apple uses to ship their products). Step 3) – If all the information was entered correctly then you should be directed to a page with information on the whereabouts of your iPhone 5. In some cases it has been reported that the iPhone 5 is already being shipped to certain areas in the world, and as such if you would like to check if Apple has shipped your iPhone 5 you can follow the handy instructions below. For those of you who visited the Fedex website you will need to enter a reference (by default this is the phone number associated with your Apple account), set an approximate shipping date, select a country destination and enter a destination postal code. For those of you who did not get success try changing your reference number (ie: iPhone phone number, billing phone number or Apple order ID).

Don’t fret if you did not get success however, it simply means your iPhone has not been packaged for shipment yet. I’ve been checking the Apple page many times a day and it still says its preparing for shipment when it is actually already on its way! With track by reference often times you can find the whereabouts of your iPhone 5 before Apple actually updates their website.

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