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This Sleek Looking Nano 106 is power packed with 1000 mAh battery ,Dual Sim with GPRS connectivity and Dual Charging Port and has VGA camera to click photos etc. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Android is a constantly evolving operating system, and so these instructions may not be identical for every model of smartphone.
We've included instructions for some of the more common places you can find your SIM number – or 'ICCID', as it's sometimes known.
Finding your SIM number in the Settings menu Drag your finger down from the top of the phone screen to make the notification panel appear, then press the cog icon in the top-right corner to go in to your phone's Settings menu. On some phones, you may need to swipe down twice from the top of the phone's screen to see the cog icon.

Once you can see your Settings menu, scroll to the very bottom of the list and tap on About (or About Phone). On some phones, like the HTC One, your SIM number will appear as your 'IMSI' number (International Mobile Subscriber Identity).

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