Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction? Romney’s, GingRich’s and Santorum’s puppeteers pull the strings; they own FOX and the Wall Street Journal. I am continually amazed at the hatred expressed towards President Obama by so many Americans.  Before you get on my case, yes, I have frequently expressed my disappointment and frustration with this President, but frustration and disappointment just is not hate.
Every week my Inbox contains nasty jokes, vulgar cartoons and ridiculous rumors claiming Obama is a traitor, a liar, or the Anti-Christ.  This is hate.
Some of my closest friends answer, with one word," race." While I concur that the melanin content of Barack's skin may serve to inflame and exacerbate the malevolence of Obama haters, it is not the whole truth. I believe the answer lies in two words, "makers" and" takers."  And more importantly how fakers  used these concepts to spread fear to the naive of this nation.
The United States Chamber of Commerce and its subsidiary, the Republican Party aren't worried about redistributing the wealth of the little guy.  They are only worried about the distribution of THEIR WEALTH. Lurking out there are the takers: the evil ones on welfare, gangbangers, drug pushers, disgusting beggars, people living under viaducts, the unemployed riff-raff. Click on PROFILE in the menu on the left, edit your information on the form, enter NEW PASSWORD. Recent CommentsGoogle on Allowing Guns on CampusAnnakagan on I am Not Sorry.Political correctness and free speech. CALFRESH, formerly known as Food Stamps, is a supplemental food program for Californians in need of nutritional assistance. Individuals in 31 states participating in state or federal public assistance programs, including food stamps, are eligible for a free cell phone and free minutes. SafeLink eligibility requires applicants to be a current participant in state or federal assistance programs such as Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Supplemental Security Income or food stamps.
Mayor Cory Booker is known for his social media savvy, having helped direct emergency services in Newark, New Jersey to stranded citizens during snowstorms and field questions during Hurricane Sandy. While we’re all showing how noble we can be, can I get some fee food for my family too? I could eat enough to become obese off food stamps and still have enough to barter for whatever else might strike my fancy. If he promised to eat everything I gave him, I think I could make Corry Booker obese eating on food stamps for a month!
AND in almost all cases, there is additional money to spend on food from who knows what, live-in boyfriends, relatives, TANF, also food from food banks. These people are pathetic if they couldn't make tasty, healthful meals for an entire family on that amount for a month. MY sister’s family bit the bullet during hard times a few decades ago and went on food stamps for a few months.
Not to mention, in some jurisdictions, the kids are even given backpacks at school on Fridays which contain food to be taken home for the weekend.
Okay, so we spend more than that for our family of four, but we pay for it out of our own pockets, and eat lots of gourmet, and almost never eat out. Fifty-three percent of immigrants said they had already accepted welfare or were somewhat willing to accept it, while 48 percent of native-born citizens said the same. Immigrants use food assistance programs and Medicaid at much higher rates than those born in the United States.

While a majority of both groups thought the economy was headed in the wrong direction, immigrants were more positive about economic issues than native-born citizens. Thirty-five percent of Immigrants believe that their personal economic situation will improve and 49 percent say it will stay the same. Foreign-born individuals are slightly more likely to believe they are willing to achieve the American Dream by starting their own business than the native-born. MAKES IT EASIER TO STAY INFORMEDGet the news that matters most to you, delivered straight to your inbox daily.
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What the hell has he done or threatened to do to them?  Please note:  The US Chamber of Commerce,  Koch Industries , Health Insurance CEO's, the Walton Family, billionaire hedge fund manipulators, and some CEO's may have some reason to hate Barack. That movement reflects a pirate mentality, as they feel perfectly free to help themselves to the earnings, savings, and property produced by others. They have been taught that they have a good life because they deserved it, they are makers. Heaven help people who stand in the way of the real makers, they are powerful and they are relentless.. Applications can be filled out at local community action agencies or online at the SafeLink website. This program was planned for low-income households so they could afford basic telephone service. Persons may also be eligible if the total family income is at or below state and federal poverty guidelines.
Now he's taking the talk offline as he bet a Twitter trash-talker that he could live healthfully on food stamps for a month.
A mayor is going to “rough-it” with the po-people by getting and using some food stamps? But those idiots out there (otherwise known as constituents) will give him an, “Aawwww.
I have come to think libs are millions of mentally ill people all lying to each other about how right they are. It is WAY more than what I set aside for groceries and I don’t even spend what I set aside each month . People on food stamps typically receive welfare checks, or social security checks, or some type of modest pension. She was amazed and appalled at the sudden increase in their food budget, and stocked up on several YEARS worth of storable staples.
Less than one-third, or 30 percent of native-born households used at least one welfare program in 2012. Forty percent of foreign-born households use food programs, compared to 22 percent of native-born Americans, and 42 percent of foreign-born households use Medicaid compared to 23 percent of natives.
Forty-eight percent of immigrant families have accessed welfare after two decades of being in the United States. Twenty-seven percent of native-born individuals say they work multiple jobs while 24 percent of foreign-born workers say the same.
Forty-seven percent of foreign-born individuals thought the economy was going in the right direction, while only 34 percent of native-born citizens said the same.

Seventy-seven percent of immigrants think they already have or are willing to achieve the American Dream, and 70 percent of native-born individuals say the same.
The financial instruments that caused our country's economic chaos were food stamps.  Ya see, it’s simple, there are just too many poor folk (aka Blacks) who love to get something for nothing. Add in the pesky Internet with its capacity to inform, and mobilize, and your really have tsouris. He is a threat to their unbridled power and greed.  But why does the real Joe the Plumber hate the man?
They contribute zilch, but make life miserable, make us pay taxes, and regulate stuff. (I kind of think that the US Chamber is worried about their tax breaks and  regulation of their right to treat workers, customers, and the environment any way they damn well please)  And to top it off, those government workers still get ridiculous perks like health insurance and pensions. The CalFresh benefit is provided in an EBT debit card that looks like any other debit card. Participants do not have to sign a contract and they can purchase additional minutes if necessary.
The Democratic politician got into a dispute with a woman on Twitter who took issue with his dispelling of some free advice via Plutarch. It’s no wonder I see them buying the useless junk they buy every time I get stuck behind one at the check out line.
The publicity stunts where someone tries to buy groceries for a month on $200 worth of food stamps are just that, stunts.
I had a friend years ago who very temporarily received food stamps in order to get by after getting out of a very abusive marriage. But their creepy French Revolution play acting with its implied threat of runaway violence is not in the American tradition, and consequently won't work with the American people. You can use it to purchase groceries and fresh produce at participating grocery stores and farmers’ markets just like you would any other debit card. SafeLink was created by TracFone to provide free phones and free airtime minutes for qualifying individuals. She received about $320 for herself and 3 children (all too old for her to qualify for WIC).
Obama is taking our money, giving it to those greedy bastards (his people), and they are using food stamps to buy cheese for their kids. But it is in the tradition of Barack Obama, whose previous career was precisely as a Marxist street agitator. Service is good for one year and then participants will have to qualify again for the program.
Believe it or not, Boteach actually ran as the Republican nominee for a House seat from New Jersey. She was very frugal and saved a generous portion of each month’s benefits to help supplement for many months after she went back to work, which she did as soon as possible. U game?' Following up on the logistics, the user- whose real name has yet to be revealed- agreed and the Mayor called for a referee to make sure that the challenge was upheld. The University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, which is already organizing a similar challenge for its students, agreed to serve as a moderator.

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