Setting the wallpaper When you save the wallpaper to your iPhone or tablet, you can set it to be your wallpaper by going to your home screen and tap the Settings app.
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Apple announced an alternative to paying your carrier for new iPhones at its press event today. Introducing the new Apple TV gives you full blown entertainment with stunning 1080p Full HD. With Apple TV you can access thousands of HD movies and TV shows from iTunes — play through Apple TV on your HDTV, and music and photos stream from your computer. The Apple brand may release a actual television one day, but for now they have graced us with their handy streaming box – Apple TV. The AirPlay feature even allows you to send content from third party applications as well as from other Apple products. Though Apple TV has been around for a while, recent news suggest that a revamp of the Apple TV can be expected in the middle of 2014. It is fair to say that for the uninitiated, the term ‘Apple TV Box’ might seem a little confusing.
Gaming support seems to be one of the biggest and most awaited new feature additions to the Apple TV. The interface of the Apple TV was updated in 2012 and still looks the same today, however it may change to feature a “store” during the mid 2014 revamp. Overall, this is a pretty solid device for those who are already great Apple fans, or even those who just want an affordable easy to use streaming device for their entertainment center. We keep our site up to date with all the latest offers as well as all the latest news from the mobile phone industry.
Dubbed the iPhone Upgrade Program, the new system will allow customers to get a new phone every year while upgrading to the new flagship device annually.
Extremely compact the Apple TV can squeeze into the tightest of cabinets or sit on top of your TV.

Affordably priced at just under a hundred dollars, it is a pretty solid player in the streaming video market. The most impressive of all is the ability to use screen mirroring with the updated MAC’s that are running on the Mountain Lion iOS. Many rumors lean towards the presumption that a camera will be added to this revamp since Apple purchased PrimeSense in 2013.
This might mean that your living room TV might also serve as your quintessential gaming console. It is a simple box coated in a unobtrusive black with a tiny white light that comes on when it’s in use. For users that have other Apple products, you can also control the TV box from those devices with a handy built in interface. When you turn on your Apple TV box, you will see a utterly familiar screen layout that looks just like other Apple devices. Well in a nutshell we strive to find you the best contract phones that come with a fantastic free gift. When you see the one you like, click on the resolution you want to download wallpaper to your device. With a wealth of available channels such as Hulu Plus, ESPN, HBO Go, Netflix, Youtube and Sky News among others, this little box is certainly here to stay.
If you are not sure who they are, think back to the makers of the revolutionary motion sensing tech Kinect used in some of Microsoft’s earlier tech. If rumors are to be believed, Apple TV box might also come with Bluetooth control options to help you with your game.
The connections are located in the back of the device and include a optical audio output, HDMI port, Micro USB port and a Ethernet port.
Apple services are shown at the top, followed by any third party streaming services you have downloaded. As the Apple website explains, "After 12 installments, you can get a new iPhone and start a new iPhone Upgrade Program.

Like all Apple devices it is hooked into the iTunes store which allows you to stream any purchased movies or music from your account directly to your viewing device. So, when you plug in this media streamer into your TV (or HDTV), you’ll be able to watch movies, shows, videos, photos and all other media that you have stored in your computer or other devices – either on your home network or from the internet.
Apple TV box is also expected to come with the option to let you download all your favorite games directly to your TV without having to bother relying on an iOS device.
WiFi of course is built in as with all of Apple’s products and it even supports dual band WiFi. With an built-in tuner, you have the Apple TV navigation menu and guide – without needing to coordinate with your current cable set up.
Thankfully, it features the cover art option of other devices so you can “see” you available movies, shows, and apps without having to just read through a list. The main aspect of Apple TV that sets it apart from the rest is that Apple TV box enables you to sync with other Apple products. It seems Apple is also considering forming a separate store of sorts, maybe even calling it the Game Store, where you will be able to directly download all the games to your TV. There is an easy to navigate carousel along the bottom, and you can also customize the order of your screen according to which are your favorites.
Just trade in your current iPhone for a new one, and your new program begins." This is similar to installment plans offered by the major carriers, albeit for an unlocked device that also includes Apple Care. On a good note, it has an internal power supply so you have one less set of bulky wires snaked around your entertainment center.

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