For many years, the low-income citizens of the US have been granted a chance to participate in the assistantship programs provided by the federal government. The providing companies which participate in Life Line help program have been created by the big wireless carriers such as Tracfone, Nextel, and Nexus. Since there are restrictions that limit the number of phones with free plan per household (it can not be greater than one), another option is available. Reliable phone service is an important feature of modern life, and one that many of us take for granted. However, for many low income Americans, the cost of a cell phone or cell phone service can be unaffordable, preventing access to the family and friends we love, as well as vital support networks such as doctors and emergency assistance. Because phone service is so crucial in our lives, lacking access to it can be dangerous — particularly for senior citizens, who may need help at a moment’s notice. That’s why the Lifeline Assistance program exists – to help low income Americans, including those over the age of 65, to have reliable, modern phone service at no cost. The Lifeline Assistance program is a government benefit program that was developed during the Reagan Administration to provide free landline service to qualifying, low income households. In the last decade, the government has modernized the program by providing free cell phones and free cell phone service, instead of only landlines. This program is available in all 50 states as well as in Native American tribal communities. Being an American with a low income can put you at risk for a number of different problems.
While seniors who are able to live by themselves should be applauded for their independence in a time when many older people cannot live unassisted, seniors should also recognize the importance of having access to phone service, particularly for emergencies. Senior citizens are more at risk of needing help for medical emergencies, this is even more true for those who are disabled; by keeping a cell phone on their person at all times, they lower the risk of being unable to call for help should they fall or hurt themselves.
Free cell phone service for seniors provided by the Lifeline Assistance program is an easy way to keep you safe. Furthermore, Americans who don’t have children are at risk of having fewer family members available to provide social stimulus and care – making access to distant friends, family or emergency services even more important. You can qualify for the Lifeline Assistance program if you meet one or both of the following criteria.
While Lifeline Assistance is available for one member per household, you may also be eligible if you live in a nursing home or homeless shelter, despite the fact that these facilities qualify as multiple households.
The current year or last year’s statement of benefits from any of the above qualifying governmental assistance programs which you participate in.
Documents that reflect your current income: these could include last year’s tax return, paycheck stubs from your current job, a statement of benefits from the Social Security Office, veteran, retirement or unemployment benefits, child support documents, divorce documents.
Basic phone service isn’t a privilege, it’s a right – no matter what your age or income is.
To understand why there are free government phones, you need to first understand a little about the Lifeline and Link-Up programs. When these programs were first instituted, the Lifeline Assistance program and Link-Up America which are supported by the federal Universal Service Fund (USF), the intent was to help low income individuals by providing discounted home phone service. The programs are administered by the Federal Communications Commission and the Universal Service Administrative Company.
However, those states that have instituted their own program, the eligibility requirements differ depending on state regulation. LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones and free government phones. My life link phone was stolen and some one is using it, what should I do to stop them from getting more free time on my phone? July 25, 2014We always say the more the merrier when it comes to competition in the free government cell phone business. Now it’s proving to be true as Safelink Wireless and Assurance Wireless, the two biggest names in the free government cell phone business, attempt to attract more customers by offering bonus minutes and texts to new customers. New customers who enroll in SafeLink during our limited time offer will receive 500 minutes for the first 3 months of service. And for the first time in the history of the free government cell phone business, we see one company comparing its plan to competitors’ plans. We think this is just the beginning of a vicious dogfight between Lifeline Assistance companies. For example, AT&T Mobility (Alaska only) and several local Alaska phone companies are already offering 1200 anytime minutes and national long distance for just $1 per month. When the Lifeline Assistance free government cell phone program originated a few years back, the standard plan offered by every competitor was 250 free voice minutes.
As you can see in the Assurance chart, Safelink now offers new customers 250 voice minutes and 1000 texts per month, and Assurance is offering 250 voice minutes and unlimited texts.

This is all terrific news for low income Americans struggling to get by in today’s shaky economy. I am severely disabled and could really benefit from getting one of these phones as I am home alone most of the time! The only advantage Assurance Wireless has over Safelink is that with Assurance Wireless, you can manage your account online.
If you do not have the phone after several months, then I say RUN do not walk to a different company! I’m already with Assurance Wireless but my 250 free minutes always run out before the next month. Some companies will let you, but others won't because not all phones are incompatible with all networks.
Sorry, Tammie, but there's no way we can tell you which company has the best signal on a zip code-by-zip code basis. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
These usually include Food Stamps, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Low Income Home Energy assistance program, Medicaid, Supplemental Security income, etc.
Local governments with the help of phone service providing companies established a LifeLine assistance program. These established subdivision that now serve in different states providing top-notch services across the country in the field of free government smartphones and cell phones for financially disadvantaged people. Safelink Wireless.A  It is a special service given by TracFone Wireless, for eligible income households. Reach Out has non-government supported prepaid cell phone plans that can be used by other members of the same household. Just click the red button below to be redirected to a Lifeline provider in your area and start the easy signup process right now! However, seniors are particularly at risk because they so often live by themselves or spend much of their day alone. Having a social network for support is crucial to our mental health at any age, but particularly as we get older.
If you’re curious about your eligibility, consider using this pre-screening tool to determine if you qualify. With at least 250 free minutes and texts monthly, contact a Lifeline provider today to see how they can connect you with your world. These programs set the ground work for all of the existing free and government assisted phone programs. It helps offset the activation, installation and monthly service fees that can put a strain on families of low income.
Each state has the option of relying solely on the federal program or instituting its own program. And this can only be good for Lifeline customers as the competition for their business heats up.
In Oklahoma, several companies are already offering 750 voice minutes and 1000 texts per month for just $1.
That gradually expanded to 250 voice minutes OR 250 texts and that soon increased to 250 voice minutes AND 250 texts. We all can’t afford to pay more and they are giving you FREE texts, so it is much simpler to text than to pay more monies! It certainly sounds as if you may qualify, but you need to contact the free government cell phone providers directly. Are you looking for a free government cell phone plan or are you only interested in FreedomPop?
Lifeline is a US government sponsored service andis paid for the Universal Service Fund (USF).Q Link Wireless is a government supported provider ofLifeline program in Maryland.
It offers a discounted package deal for wireless phone services for all those who are in need.
It is probably the biggest out of existing equivalent service programs and is present in the greatest number of US states today. The phones offered to the applicants for free are usually pretty simple in terms of their functionality and they can not be categorized as smartphones..
Having a reliable cell phone available if you are out for a walk or feeling unsafe in your own home is key to your security.

US Census Bureau statistics suggest that nearly a third of Americans over the age of 65 live alone.
For those states that rely solely on the government program, the eligibility is based on Federal guidelines.
The phone provider companies are not limited to the big name providers such as AT&T, Verizon and the like.
If you see an item and a charge for Universal Service, that means your phone provider is passing some of the cost for the program on to you. Your phone provider cannot collect more in universal service charges than they actually paid, nor can they charge universal service fees to Lifeline customers. This offer is limited and only for New Customers, it will expire after September 15th, 2014. You will continue to receive UNLIMITED FREE Texts each month for as long as you are eligible.
We’ll undoubtedly see more companies making better offers by offering more minutes, more texts, and more services for free. AirFire, a Wisconsin-only cell phone company is offering 500 voice minutes and 500 texts every month for free. Under this program, all subscribers who qualify get absolutely free government cell phonesA with free airtime given on a monthly basis.
By the way, the tariffs for prepaid cell phone plans by Reachout Wireless are very liberal and convenient. Phone providers also include paging service companies, wireless companies and even VOIP companies such as Vonage (VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol: You know those phone companies that use the internet for making calls). And Dart, an Oklahoma-only cell phone company, is now offering unlimited talk for just $1 per month. The following article is aimed to research the possibility of getting a free government smartphone for the residents of the United States of America. This is a double benefit, since the procedure for receiving such a package deal is very simple, and the conditions are great. However, now the new applicants have a chance to upgrade the first phone from a free Assurance Wireless Kyocera Jax to Assurance Wireless Kyocera Loft.
Under a regular package deal, for the residents of selected states who qualify for free government phone program participation, the company offers relatively simple cellular device with only standard features and no-charge monthly minutes.
With their coverage map and support services, Reachout is probably one of the best free government smartphones program to enroll in.
No credit check is performed, no deposit is needed, and no contract needs to be signed for participation in this program. One should check the possibility of upgrading the current free gadget to free government smart phone by contacting the service provider company.
The latest one can be categorized as a smartphone for it has many functions typical for this kind of devices.
Basically, a typical package for would give you a free cell phone with free monthly minutes to use for local and domestic calls. The upgrading costs $29.99 at the moment, which is not too much for such a phone, hence you can still consider getting this phone and calling it one of free government smartphones. Every user of the service can upgrade existing phone to a more sophisticated and up-to-date model. This option is available for new subscribers to AssuranceWireless from Georgia, New Hampshire, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas and Kansas.
ReachOut Wireless phones are available in a very big selection, and are represented by as basic models as Samsung A850, and as new and coolest ones as HTC Droid Incredible 2, Motorola Droid 2 and iPhone 4 smartphones.
However, it is possible to purchase additional minutes and messages for a low fee to use with your free government smartphones. Of course, these should not be considered free government smartphones, since there is an additionally charge of various value for upgrading a current cell phone to one of these.
Yet, it is a great way to have a modern gadget with all cool features and use it with a free monthly cell phone plan.

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