The Sanctuary single seems a little less valuable, though if you have an old copy of Iron Maiden without the song then it must have been a godsend.
This leaves the first segment of the "Listen With Nicko!" monologue, and he starts to explain what this is all about, interjecting his silly schizophrenic humor like a patient in dire need of an injection and a long nap.
Both of these singles were culled from the band's debut Iron Maiden, though Sanctuary was originally independent of the album, added later as a bonus track, and many have since come to accept it as a part of the whole. The B-side to the single was "Burning Ambition", and though it's not one of the most memorable Maiden tunes, it was at least a pretty clear sign that they were intent on including some non-album material with their singles from an early date (of course, this did not always turn out to be the case).

This track has always felt very close to Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild" for me, with a similar road-burned abandon, and it is joined by a pair of live tracks recorded at London's Marquee in April, 1980.
Live recordings of "Drifter" and "I've Got the Fire" are available elsewhere, and the only thing of interest is the "Burning Ambition" B-side. I should also note that these are the real deal, original recordings with Paul Di'anno on vocals, they have not chosen to retrofit them with Bruce Dickinson, and I've always admired the healthy respect the band has given the man despite his early fallout with Steve Harris and manager Rod Smallwood.
Still, there's a laid back feel to the chords, and similar melodies cut through its structure, so it feels a natural fit for "Running Free".

Di'anno is having a blast here, but you can always tell that he was such a better component of the band when they were in their earlier phase, far closer to the hard rock of the 60s and 70s than their more morose, melodic work of the Dickinson era.

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