Everything you’ll need to plan the perfect Baby Shower to welcome your new little one.
Every new mom to be, will really appreciate the guest list, all filled out with names and addresses. A poem that welcomes every baby into the world with love and a reminder, it is in the welcoming that we find the love.
For a door prize consider a gift certificate to a favorite local restaurant or department store. The free word search maker through Discovery Puzzlemaker makes word search puzzles in 6 easy steps.This word search maker lets you decide on the size of the puzzle, which can go up to 40 letters by 40 letters and still fit on a page, but they recommend using 15 letters by 15 letters. There are quite a few options for this free word search maker so you can really customize what the final word search puzzle will look like.You can set the placement of the word list (right or left side of the puzzle), the numbers of rows and columns (up to 50), and the style of the grid and font. The SuperKids free word search maker requires that you enter your words, choose a grid height and width, and decide whether you want have an easy puzzle or a hard one that will put some of the words backwards throughout the puzzle.The final word search puzzle is very nice looking and makes a great puzzle for a kid or adult to complete. This word search maker is very easy to use and gives you a very nice looking puzzle both online and offline.Before you enter your words, you get to pick from four varying levels of difficulty, each with support for a different number of words and different maximum word lengths.

A nice feature for this free word search maker is that you can have the hint be something other than the word in the word search puzzle to make it more challenging.You also get to choose whether you want the word search puzzle to be uppercase or lowercase, including diagonal words or not, the type of font to use, and the grid size. Boost vocabulary and spelling skills as you enjoy this fun word search, full of Easter-themed words!
Here are some free Thanksgiving coloring pages and games that my kids enjoy!  I click on the image to take you to the full printable size.
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We have Free Baby Shower Games, Free Guest Lists, Free Door Prize Tickets, Free Gift Lists, Free Coloring Pages and Free Poetry.
First unscramble words, then transfer letters numbered to boxes, to figure out the hidden message. You can also choose the word placement, like forward and backward words, to make the word search puzzle easier or more challenging.The final puzzle from this word search maker is a nice looking puzzle that even has a place for a name and date. You can make a word search in just a few minutes time and the answer sheet is printed out right along with the puzzle.Besides being a free word search maker, you can also make your own crosswords, word jumbles, number search, and matching worksheets with PuzzleFast.

If you are the hostess, or the mom to be, we have offered many different games, to celebrate the arrival of your little one.
You can either give guests a limited time on this crossword puzzle or see who finishes first. Be sure to take a look at our Baby Shower Games Suggestions, they are full of ideas, games and fun! Print it using your inkjet or laser printer and have fun solving the crossword with the 14 Disney related words and characters. Find Disney related words like (Nemo, Sheriff Woody, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Buzz Lightyear, Tiana, Lighting McQueen) and many more. Click the link below to download or print the free Crossword Puzzle Game now in PDF format.

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