Find a range of free pictures, images, photos and clip art related to various math topics which include numbers, arithmetic and geometry right here at Kids Math Games Online. To save this free picture of the number one simply right click on it and select 'save image as'. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! A numbers chart 1-20 is a very useful tool for teaching numbers to your child and practising one-to-one correspondence.
The chart is free and printable in pdf format – download the numbers chart 1-20 here. The bright colors will appeal to young children, as they begin to recognise and identify the numbers.

Once your child is able to recognise the numbers, start teaching your pre-schooler to recognise the word for each number.
This numbers worksheet can be used to help your child practise their handwriting and also learn to count to 20.
You can use this worksheet in conjuction with the number charts above, or on its own for handwriting practice. Preschool Math Activities – Find some great activites here that can give you great ideas for using with the numbers chart. Hundreds Chart – If your child has mastered numbers 1-20, you can use a hundreds chart to teach numbers beyond 20. Perhaps before bedtime or when play time is over, go through some counting exercises to wind down your pre-schooler.

Take turns pointing to the numbers – your child will benefit even more by being involved.
This is especially important once your child is confident with the numbers and you need to add some complexity to the lessons. Don’t let your child struggle through any activity as that is a sure way to turn them off counting.

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